Thursday, November 16, 2006

dinner @ hilton

diz is d last event for year 2006.. thank God, it wuz a blast!

attend dinner tapi still lapar kan, apa citer? mana taknya, mkn seciput je mlm tu. hampir setiap course yg dihidang tak sempat di jamah. bz dgn guests / banquet ppl / performers. tp taper, aku dh cukup kenyang dgn compliments yg diberi. my name wuz announced in every speech by TS, DO & DM.. not to mention laa by the performers / hotel ppl.. so proud of me'self.

dats abt it. now, i'm all set for next event which scheduled... err, next year.. *winks*

p/s: anis got 3As & 2Bs for her UPSR.. way to go lil cutiey... oh, me & fazi are ok now.. well, the 'terasa' punya part still ada but alah, adat lah gegaduh dlm berkawan nih.

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