Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy 30th Birthday, Mamoru

Birthday dia semalam sebenarnya.

I didn't get to wish him a proper birthday wish. In fact, I already fall asleep without calling him and wishing him anything. Terrible kan? Haih. My routine with work and the kids makes me extremely exhausted. Asyik tertidur awal je..

Its hurt to know when his friends gets to wish him before I do. But at the same time, I'm glad. At least, he's happy. I got to say thanks to Mamoru's friend for celebrating his birthday last night. Thanks for making my Mamoru happy.

I still didnt get to buy a present for him. Still waiting for the latest IT gadget from Apple yang tataw bila akan masuk pasaran Malaysia. Since Mamoru is not around, guess, its okay to wait.. hee.

Mulanya aku nak pasrah je. Mamoru kan jauh kat Gopeng, Perak. Nak suruh kawan dia belikan kek dan sambut birthday dia, they already did. What else can I do?

So, I just press my luck and try cari online, kut-kut ada online shop yang boleh buat delivery on the same day ke Perak. I really dont want to miss hiss birthday just because hes far away.

Unbelievably, ada satu kedai online di Ipoh Cherish Flower yang setuju nak ambil order aku dan deliver ke Gopeng pada hari yang sama. Heaven! Dont you just loveeee online shopping?!!

A bouquet of 12 stalks red roses for him. That the best I can get. Hopes he like it. Thanks so much Cherish Flower. Excellent service!!

And this is gambar yang Mamoru sent thru email.. posing dengan bunga yang dia dapat :)

Happy birthday love.

Special thanks to Qemma (Mamoru's colleague) and Hasrul (pic) for helping me by providing the address :)

The bouquet. Full of love.

p/s: aD, Ariff & Amarr doakan semoga Daddy dipanjangkan usia, sihat sentiasa, murah rezeki dan dijauhkan dari perkara yang tak diingini.


Biqque said...

happy bday ye cik flizo! :D

Elyn said...

happy birthday flizo!!

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