Friday, February 17, 2012

Someting to kill time

Mamoru dah bagi jadual kerja dia kat ofis baru. For a start, seems like he will be spending more times in the new office. More means, he has to work on Saturday (once a month) and that doesn’t include his induction program, teambuilding, etc, etc.

Haih. Nak buat camno. Pasrah je lah.

As for me, guess I have to make myself extra busy at night (selain dari melayan karenah anak-anak). So that, I won’t be feeling so lost/empty. Err.. what to do there at night eh? Belajar menjahit manik? Hahaha. That doesn’t sounds like me.

Nak join group xtvt lasak? Wall climbing? Bolehhhh. Tapi, I’m not sure if I’m willing to leave my kids at home at night. I don’t even sure if I’m able to leave them at all just to fill my time trying a new hobby.

Cannot think right now. We’ll see how it goes.


~ez~ said...

if u love cooking or baking, u can try something bout that kak ad. bleh gak buat bisnes kan?jual cake or cupcakes =) just my thought ;)

sue-ab said...

saya selalu baca buku..pastu cepat ngantuk bleh tido..heheh

ctfarazila said...

boleh jadi cikgu kindy utk arif dan amar. boleh jugak isi masa dengan mengaji.. just cadangan aje :)

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