Sunday, September 21, 2014

Lazy week

No training or running at all for the whole week.

Not good aD.

Not good.



For my next and future run, I  want to run solo. No pacer. No running partner.

Been planning do this since April, tapi ntah lah. Nak jaga hati orang sangatt kann..

Nak kena hide semua race yang aku register lepas ni.  Stay low. So nobody get to know or register the same event that I join. By coincidence tak kisah la.

Then update bila event dah habis. Baru boleh lari dengan tenang.


I want to run alone.

All alone.

Well.. exception for my Beau, of course. If he wants to run with me.

Talking about my Beau, last night he decided to exchange his bib from half to full marathon for Penang Bridge Int. Marathon. This will be his first FM ever!

I'm proud of u, B.

I'll be very very happy if he want me to be his pacer.. to run with him all the way for 42km!

I'd be very happy.

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