Friday, November 14, 2014

Road to Ultra

Next project gila.

To run 100 km on road. Seratus kilometer ok.

I wanted to be an ultra-marathoner! Yeah, seems like marathoner title alone can't satisfied  me.. haha.

Dont ask what I feel or think when I decide to run this 100km ultra-marathon. Honestly, whenever  I decide to run a race, I never think. I just run. Distance doesn't bother me at all. Guess it's all mind over matter.

I have exactly 111days from now to train my body for this crazy race.

Race: Titi Ultra Marathon

Distance: 100km

Race start: 7/3/2015 @ 4.00 petang

Race end: 8/3/2015 @ 10.00 pagi

Cut off time: 18 jam

...and the countdown begins!!

They have 3 categories  for this race. The longest distance is 200km. The shortest is 50km. 

Dalam list participants untuk 100km, just ada 15 orang perempuan dan semuanya chinese. Once I make full payment for the entry fees, I will be the only malay lady running in this category :)

The route & elevation. Kena buat 1 loop untuk completekan 100km. Lari dari Selangor ke Negeri Sembilan.

Checkpoint & water stations.

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