Thursday, January 01, 2015

Throwback 2014 running & outdoor events

5 full marathons (trail & road) and 20 other runs (from 10km to 30km) for year 2014!

It wonts stop here believe me.. hi hi

This year is road to ultra year! Will be more selective! Nak maintain fitness, jaga makan, improve timing, avoid injury and most of all nak enjoy running!

Lets run peeps! And enjoy outdoor! I'm 36 this year! And still active! Proud of myself!

From left: Putrajaya Night Marathon, Nuang Jungle International Marathon, River Jungle Marathon, Melaka River Marathon & Malaysian Women Marathon (this one managed to run 34km before the run was cancelled due to bad haze). Managed to get few podium placing jugak for this year!

2014 xtvts list

Jan 26 Burden Run
Feb 8 Gunung Besar Hantu
Feb 22 Gunung Hitam
Mar 23 Bukit Kutu Daypack
Mar 9 Brook 21km
Mar 16 MWM 42km
Mar 30 Kenaboi Adv Race 22km
Mar 29 Kenaboi Trail 10km
Apr 20 Gunung Datuk Daypack
Apr 6 Autism Run 10km
Apr 27 HSL Run 10km
Apr 29 Gunung Murud
May 18 NM Galaxy Run 15km
Jun 8 Melaka 42km
Jun 14 Gunung Tahan
Jun 20 Perhentian Kecil
Aug 9 Energizer 15km
Aug 10 NM Galaxy 18km
Aug 17 Guoco 12km
Sept 7 River Jungle 42km
Aug 31 Summernats 11km
Sept 14 Reebox 20.5km
Sept 28 Eco Run UTeM 6km
Oct 11 BSN 42km
Nov 2 Pacetters 30km
Nov 9 Nuang Challenge 42km
Nov 30 NM Galaxy 21km
Nov 22 Gegar UM 10km
Dec 28 Newton 26km

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