Friday, November 18, 2016

Weekend is coming!

Let have some fun.. or lotsa fun!

Apa pun, weekend ni, please avoid pakai baju warna merah & kuning dan stay away from the city centre. Especially Dataran Merdeka, Menara Maybank, etc. There will be another rally from I-dont-know-who-and-dont-want-to know-why.

And please jangan letak kenderaan kt kawasan2 rally. Nanti kena lanyak tatau. Depa ni kalau dah naik sheikh, habis semua harta benda awam/orang jadi mangsa.

Yes, I also want some changes in our government but this is not the way.


With my cantik Aleesya this morning. Breastfeeding baby. Already 1 year & 12 days my breastfeeding journey :)

Healthy & smart baby makes happy mommy

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