Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Powerman Malaysia 2017

I'm officially a dualthlete. Done my multisport dualthlon race last Sunday at Putrajaya. Competed with so many athletes all over Asia. It's really an honour racing with them.

I never thought I can finished so strong and placed myself among the top 5 (5th place) in my age category (35-39) and 36th female overall out of 1177 participants.

I did well in my first run (and better in second run). But still Im behind  most of the girls in cycling. Well, for newbie (almost 2 dekad tak naik basikal), given less than 2 weeks to learn cycling again, its not so bad eh?

Flag off for short category (5km run + 30km cycling + 5km run) start at 7.15am.

I'm not a fast runner. I always started my run at a slow pace. I saw few Malaysia athletes in front of me. But that didn't bother much. I'm not here not to compete with them.

I'm more worried about my cycling. I only did once 30km bike training a week before the race and it took me almost 2 hours to complete it. The problem is, aku takut bawak basikal laju2. Takut jatuh.. 😅😅

I finished my first run in 25:05. Not bad eh? Quickly ran to transition area to get my bike. Tried to be calm and to remember to put on my helmet first before unmount the bike.Think I did it like a pro 😊😊.

Bike session was pretty awesome. I rode so fast. Like really fast. Like I was flying. I saw few participants fell from their bikes. But that didn't scared me at all. I managed to finish the 30km in 1:09!! 

Transition from bike to run was pretty easy. I was so happy being able run run on the road again. This is my thing. My body is made to adapt endurance. I can run long distance for hours and just love it. 

I jumped off my bike and keep running non- stop. The best part is, I passed a lot of other women who was ahead of me during cycling. Felt so good. But I didn't pushed myself further. I didn't even knew I was going to get any placing.

I completed the race in 2 hours 4 minutes. My friends said that was quite fast for a beginner. Can't believe myself too. Im so happy!! Will repeat for longest category next year and aim for sub 4!

Run1 25:05 

T1 2:54

Cycling 1:09

T2 2:35

Run2 24:44

With my big supporter. Thats include Aleesya & Mamoru.

Priceless moment ❤❤

5th placing age cetegory & 36 female overall

Gotta comeback stronger!

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