Saturday, July 29, 2017

Am I ready for another attempt?

I dont know.

Work is killing me. Everyone in my unit is taking block leave including the bosses. Means I have to take the additional ad-hoc task AND that means no leave is allowed for me.

No leave allowed for next Friday. For The Magnificent Merapoh Trail 2017. The ultra trail marathon event will start on Friday night at 9.00pm. I don't know whether I could make it on time from KL. I'll finished my work at 5.00pm. I only got 4 hours to drive to Merapoh.

Four solid hours. Means, the moment I arrive there, I just gotta hop out from the car and hit the starting point with the rest of the runners. Provided there's no traffic jem lah kan.

Haish. Gotta get my running gears ready.

Lets pray this won't be another DNF due to lack of rest or DNS due to time constraints.

Need more Steigen socks. I wore this socks all the way 60km for more than 12 hours straight during Cultra. No blister at all. Its impressive. I really suggested those active runners to try this socks. I even promote this to Ezam. Hope it will work on him like mine did. 

Not sute what to wear for TMMT. Steigen socks is a must. 2XU compression pant also in the to go list (mind, my 2xu pants is all the same design and color. I got a few of it. It might looked like I wore the same pants over and over again. Its not tau)

Lets pray for some miracle. Lets pray it won't be any traffic jem on Friday so that I'll reach Merapoh just on time.

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