Friday, April 28, 2006

hepi holiday

Baru habis discussion dgn Tam (Sr Mgr, Equatorial). I knew Tam since last year's luncheon with her famous sister, Ning Baizura. Woo.. shes pregnant again.. tiap-tiap tahun murah rezeki.. *alhamdullilah*

She called diz morning - tanya samada aku free tak harinih - dia nak datang opis. Hm, ingatkan nak discuss ttg our major project. Rupanya juz nak hantar invitation letter utk grand oppening Cafe Lavista.. Hm, aku impressed.. sanggup dia datang all the way dari Bangi semata-mata nak hantar invitation tu by hand!.. Hm, guest of honour, YAM Tunku Naquiyuddin.. dress code: Songket?.. *alermak*

Me : y'know.. you dont have to travel diz far juz to....
Tam : *smiles*.. act'ly diz is VVIP invitation, and we hv to sent it ourself..

........ P&C..........

Me : diz invite.. for me me alone?
Tam : *gelak*.. of coz u can bring ur partner along.
Me : *senyum tawar*

Partner? like I have one.. *duh*..

Goin off in a while.. will be in Seremban tonite. Esok kena bangun awal. Promised dgn DOY to meet him at 6.30 am in Mantin.. *awal giler*.. hopefully everythings unda control.

Well'mm.. its going to be a bz weekend.. Looks like I'm gonna miss my outdoor xtvts.. taper lah, fo my careers sake.

Gtg now, till next Tuesday.. bubyee mr Bloggie.. *kiss*

p/s: hey cC, another dinner now.. how? tell sHe, I want to pinjam u skejap for dat nite. dinner's on 8 May.. and pls la dunt let me down.. make sure u 'ebelebel' on dat date..nahh.. *giggles*


silent reader said...

nak ikot g dinner.. ahahahahahahah.. :p

bluefroggie said...

cik aD,
lamer tak jengok sini...
rindu... ;p

amizgig said...

silent reader:
moh la gegamai.. pakai songket yea =)

kita pun ghindu gak *hehe*

silent reader said...

hahahahaa.. pakai songket? mak aih.. nak kene g tempah songket ler plak.. eh aD ni, jemput org macam i bleh pegi camtu je.. ade ke i ni dapat invitation?? *LOL*

a poem to u..

This is my prayer to thee, my lord---strike,
strike at the root of penury in my heart.
Give me the strength lightly to bear my joys and sorrows.
Give me the strength to make my love fruitful in service.
Give me the strength never to disown the poor or bend my knees before insolent might.
Give me the strength to raise my mind high above daily trifles.
And give me the strength to surrender my strength to thy will with love

give me strenght (rabindranath tagore)

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