Saturday, October 26, 2019

New running gear

Been wanting this since June aritu. An upgrade version from my current Nike Zoomfly Flyknit.

Tapi susahnya lah nak dapat kat Malaysia. Masa kat Melbourne ada jumpa design ni tapi sama macam kat Malaysia, hot stuff. Yang tinggal just kaler striking green - so memang tak beli. Tadi jenjalan kat The Curve, kebetulan terjumpa! Kaler dark purple. Memang sesuai dengan jiwa beta.

This Nike Zoomfly 3 Rise is somewhere between handsome and gorgeous! 

A perfect cinder-running-ella shoes for me ❤️

Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Running a full marathon next year

Honestly, I have no plan to run any full marathon this year or next year. 

Was supposed to run one last week during the SCKLM. But still dont have the gutt to do so due to lack of training. I sold my bib to a virgin FM runner. She made it to km40 but was forced to DNF due to cutt off time. Kesian dia. But what to do. Theres no short cut in marathon. Training is everything.

But then.. this invitation down here.
All off sudden sparks the running 'spirit' in me. 

#berlin2020 #sub4