Thursday, February 08, 2024

Happy 16th Anniversary to us

Happy 16th wedding anniversary to us. Many more to comes 🥰

Thank you for the love, care, support and being present every single day in my life & kiddos. 

Selamat ulang tahun perkahwinan kita yang ke 16 tahun. 

8/2/2008 - 8/2/2024

Thank you for the huge annv gift - Massage chair! Dah tetua camni memang sangat membantu massage chair ni.


Thursday, February 01, 2024


Aleesya: Mommy, do you know why we use this highlighter pen?

Me: To highlight something important

Aleesya: Yes, thats why I'm highlighting you. Because you are important to me  
(sambil conteng tangan mommy dengan highlighter pen)

Dilema mommy nak marah ke nak suka bila dia "highlight" tangan mommy ni 😅