Monday, November 27, 2017


Start tappering today.

12 days to Klang marathon.

Semalam agak disaster bila jalam jem teruk dari Melaka ke KL. Aleesya pula tak sihat. Selsema sebab berendam lama sangat dalam pool kat rumah atuk. So, nangis nak nenen all the way. Terpaksa berhenti kat R&R Senawang susukan dia sampai dia tertidur baru boleh sambung drive ke KL.

Alhamdullilah selamat sampai despite hujan jem bagai. Lama tak pakai cape ultramak. Nasib baik masih ada super power.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Amarr turns 7

Bulan Nov kena sambut 2 birthday. Awal bulan aritu, birthday Aleesya. Hujung bulan, birthday Amarr pula.

Happy birthday yang ke 7 tahun buat putera no.2 mommy. Semoga Amarr sentiasa sihat, dijauhkan dari penyakit berbahaya, panjang umur, murah rezeki, happy dan berjaya di dunia dan akhirat. Aminn


Potong kek dengan kembar sejam Amarr, Adam. Mommy tak sempat nak tempah kek. Beli siap je hihi.

Aleesya sangat excited nyanyi lagu happy birhday. Dia ingat kek tu utk dia agaknya. 

Abang ngah Amarr punya kek, Aleesya yang terlebih exvited! Comel laj awak ni Aleesya ❤️

Saturday, November 25, 2017


Done my last long run for Klang marathon, malam tadi. Legs felt super heavy. Have to slow down but I refused to stop. Even it was raining a bit. And Im so glad I didnt.

Haish. Drama. Long run is always the hardest part especially when I have to run alone. Managed to saved more mileage in the bank. Kaching 💰💰💰💰. I hope I have enough "money" to spend for the big day. 🤞🤞🤞🤞

14 days left for Klang marathon.


Friday, November 24, 2017


Its Friday!

Going back to Melaka this weekend. Maybe after Ive done my long run tonight.

My Mamoru pulak will be going to Penang for his favourite PBIM marathon. All the best tau. Enjoy the runcation and dont forget to buy jeruk cermai Pak Ali for your pweettyy wife ni..nyumms 🤤😍

Comment from coach Edan in my IG. Really made my day! ❤️ And also comments and supports from my running friends that really understand my passion, dreams and helps me achieving it (Rahim, Rumie, Arul, Kenneth & SAC families)

Happy weekend folks😊😊

Thursday, November 23, 2017


3 days in a row I did the double running session - non stop. Legs felt tired. Right now I wanted so bad for the training to be over, but everytime I finished my am or pm session, I want to run some more. Pelik.

Last night coach Edan summarized our training for the past 7 weeks. He even printed our individual TSS chart explaning about our fitness level, fatigue & form data. I love looking at my chart. Everything looks good. 

Right now my form shown negative -34. But thats ok. Im still in my training weeks and build periods. Once I start tapering nanti, my fatigue will decrease lower than my fitness and results in positive form. That is when my body ready for the race.

Though its still too early to say this, I still want to thank coach Edan & Smart Atheletic Club! I learned so much from you. The best coach ever & the coolest running club in Malaysia! So proud to be one of SAC team. I bet SAC is the only club who provide data analysis for each of its members compared to other running club.  

16 days left before Klang marathon. Im super nervous. I wanted so bad to break sub 4 hours as a gift for my hard work. But looking back at the very short training weeks, its tough. I will try my best tho 💪💪💪

#whateverittakes #becauserunningisfun

Tuesday, November 21, 2017


Morning run never feels this great!

18 weeks left before Klang marathon.

Dedua muka tak mandi 😂😂😂

Monday, November 20, 2017


19 days left for Klang marathon.

Restday be like.. ❤️❤️❤️

Flying kiss for everyone

Muahhhh 💋💋

Kesayangan daddy dia ni

Long run at KLIA

Registered for 42km in KUL Marathon but decided to run with the 25km group as I wanted to concerntrate on my Klang marathon (another 20 days to go).

As ussual, I started late 10 mins after 25km flag off. Lambat sampai 😂😂. Last person from starting line.

But I really enjoyed my run. This time, I didnt even bother about runner who ran faster than me.

Felt so good when even at my slowest pace, I can over take or ran pass hundreds of other runners.

And my legs felt great! 

Managed to maintain my marathon pace for the last 10km. But I stopped few metres before finishing line. Didnt even cross it coz at that time, few top 5 winners for 42km category was about to cross the line. I dont want the timing mat capture my bib. It would be a messed nanti.

I checked the timing result. Its good to know that I could place myself in top 5 in both category (42 & 25). But I didnt regret any of it. I dont care about the prizes. All I want is to improve my timing. That is what matter the most.

Lets hit Monday like a boss! Been running non-stop last week. Lets rest today and carbo load banyak2.

With Rahim (from SAC as well). Coach Edan told him to run at pace 5:00 for this event. But he said kaki rasa best, so he ran at pace 3:00 - 4:00 for 25km and finished in 1:58 and also won himself the 3rd place for men category. 

Dah habis lari, dia cakap takut coach marah sebab tak dengar kata.. haha.. pandai lah jawab dengan coach nanti tau.


Sunday, November 19, 2017

SmartKids programme with Smart Atheletic Club

Introduce them to another healthy hobby (other than hiking & swimming) Gave them as much options as we can as parents. Hopefully one day, they will fall in love with one of it.

Thank you coach Edan for organizing Smartkids programme under SAC. Its an honor and priviledge to have Malaysian world class fastest marathoner to coach kiddos on running.

Its also a wonderful thing to share with kiddos things I love to do. So they will understand why Im doing it.

I wish I have this kind of opportunity when I was little. So I would know how interesting my world could be.

But its never too late for me or too early for kiddos, right?

Live life to its fullest!

Credit photog: Rumie & Mamoru


Me with coach Edan, Jolene & #teamrumie
Group photos with all Smartkids



Aleesya ni pun aktif sangat. Tunggu awak besar sikit ya.. 

Precious pics. One day, they will surely appreciate this ❤️

Ada aunty buat zumba tepi track, dia sibuk follow step aunty tu berzumba. Sampai aunty tu cakap, "she follow my step, pandainya"
Haha.. anak mommy kan ❤️

Saturday, November 18, 2017



Xtvt berendam is a must.

Aksi berhimpit layan ipad pun musti ada. Walhal ada 3 ipad daddy provide untuk depa ni

My fav heroes

Aleesya tak boleh join. Abang2 bogel kat dalam tu.

Puteri baru bangun tido ❤️

Friday, November 17, 2017


Have to stop running after 2km tonight because of heavy rain and thunder. Didnt see it coming coz the sky is super bright as if it being lit by a huge spotlight. Weird.

Luckily I already saved some mileage running around Afamosa resort this morning.

Cukup la kut. Sambung esok je la nampaknya.

Mamoru bought this compression socks for me to wear after my double session run. I have 2 pairs of it. Love it so much. Really help my muscle to recover faster. Thank you Mamoru for being so thoughtful ❤️

Short gateway

We're in Afamosa Resort Melaka.

Relaxing. Makan-ing. Bonding.

I love hotel-stay. Stress-free coz dont have to think about housechores; laundry, dirty dishes, cooking, toys bersepah bagai 😂😂😂😂

Tau dah. Perangai dia. Asal checkin hotel je mesti straight masuk bawah quilt.

Aleesya yang comel.

Adik cantik tengah buat spot cek

Hero dua orang ni tak heran dah duduk hotel. Dua2 melekat je dengan projek memasing.

Tak habis lagi QC

Bilik luas. Ada balcony. Dapat 2 katil queen. Selesa satu family ❤️❤️

Ehemm.. call siapa tu, Cantik? Kemain lagi. 
No man can simply come near you tau Aleesya. Daddy is very protective. Daddy have gun. No one is allowed to break your heart. Nanti kena tembak 🔫🔫🔫🔫

Caught in the act.. hihi.

Thursday, November 16, 2017


Rasa down couple of days ago when my legs felt stiff and heavy and tired. Donno what went wrong or maybe nothings wrong at all. Maybe its normal, I donno.

But that did not stop me from running.

Last night was the scariest. Was supposed to do my progressive interval run at my marathon pace. I really scared if I couldnt run at my MP let alone hold it for a specific time.

But suprisingly, legs felt okay after 3km and I managed to finish it as per schedule!

And this morning, I did my double session again! My first morning run in this week! I felt great! No fatigue, no stiff leg. Yeay!

Btw, Im in Melaka right now. Holidaying. Decided to take this last minutes leave to fix my running mood. Turns out I didnt need it at all. My running beast-mode already back. All I need is to hit the road ✌️

Aleesya kacau mommy excercise ❤️❤️❤️

Monday, November 13, 2017


3 weeks left for Klang marathon.

Coach Edan said, he's been monitoring my training progress for the past 6 weeks. And he's very confindent I can easily break my PB.

I wish I am that confident too. But I dunno why I have this doubt. Nervous maybe?

I got another 2 training weeks (this week & next week) before I start tapering. In my condition now, I need  at least 2 weeks to taper. My body need to stay calm and more rest before the race day.

Never been this nervous before.



Good luch to this abam2 sado for their final race at Chiang Mai marathon next month. They invited me. Tapi Ive registered for Cebu marathon. Tarikh dekat sangat. Next time kita register world major race sama2 okay. May the force be with us next month! All the best, guys💪💪💪

Saturday, November 11, 2017


What a wonderful morning to start the weekend!

I really dont mind waking up early in the morning just to spend time with these awesome people!

Satisfied with my achievement this morning. Wish I could do do another set of this long run before Klang marathon. But coach not allowed. My race day da dekat sangat.

Lesson learnt. Next time kena make sure tempoh training cukup sebelum register another marathon.

Thank you coach edan, Jolene & SAC team for the water station, Lucozade, melon, power gels, banana, grapes & coconut jelly (specially brought by Vanidah 😍. She call me "Outdoorfteak" - she didnt know my name. Comel sangat).

With coach Edan. Sangat down to earth & humble. Sangat tak lokek ilmu

With the team ❤️

Friday, November 10, 2017


Make no excuses, kata coach. Ingat tu bhai. Jangan nak membongak je kejenya 😋😋

So we know, its raining season. And lately, it started to rain at night. Do we stop our training? Make it as a perfect excuse to skip the run? Tarik gebar, tido? No, fools. We still run. But we wait till the rain stop lah. Doesnt matter how late it is. If u must run, then run.

Snacking while waiting for the rain to stop. I got one big twin jagung! Rare. In second thought, it looks like hmm.. demm.. hahaha.. yum. 


Mamoru will be away to Kuala Kangsar this weekend. Nak ikut tapi I cant afford to miss my long run session tomorrow morning with coach Edan & SAC team.

Really need this run as a simulation for my race day - which is another 29 days 😨😨😨

And oh, Ive registered myself as volunteers for Melaka Ultramarathon. Nak join tak boleh coz Mamoru will be away for his marathon kat Penang. Clashed. 

Unfortunately, no news from the organizer yet. So, donno whether Im accepted - ye, siapalah saya 😋😋

But tak kisah coz Im still going to voluntarily set up my own table with drinks & food/fruits rations for my fellow Matra ultra-runners! Siap jadi camerawoman lagi tau. Plan to do this maybe around Pengkalah Balak beach area.. hihi.

Rindu kat dia ni.


Thursday, November 09, 2017


Legs still stiff from last night fartlek session.  But I really need to do my easy run for tonight.

Looking back at all marathons Ive done this year, most of it I wasnt train hard enough and.. a few I did without any training at all.

Its funny when I dare to dreams of breaking my PB even with so little training back then.

And now its even funnier when, I felt so nervous that I wont be created any new personal best after spending 2 months of consistent training.



Wasnt training supposed to make me feel ready or something?



My first marathon this year. My first sub-5.

My fourth marathon this year at Bali

My second marathon this year. 

My fifth marathon this year 

My third marathon this year. 

Gambar tak tersusun 😁😁😁

Most of all marathon this year timing between 4:21 to 4:38

Klang will be my sixth and last marathon for this year. What would it be? Can I break my PB. Or can I break my first ever sub-4?


Breastmilk, breastfeeding.

I have decided to continue breastfeeding Aleesya for as long as she wants it (Made that decision since her 2nd birthday aritu).

I have witnessed so many good thing from breastfeeding. Breastmilk works like magic. Especially bila Aleesya sakit, demam, etc.

Dan hari ni sekali lagi. Aleesya sembuh dari sakit mata yang teruk dalam masa 24 jam. Padahal sehari sebelum tu mata Aleesya bengkak sampai melekat & tertutup. Mata pula merah & penuh tahi mata.

Semalam, sepanjang hari aku breastfeed Aleesya. Stanby sebelah dia all the time. Make sure dia cukup rehat, cukup makan & direct feeding lebih dari hari biasa. Every hour kut. Stop pun sekejap masa training lari. Tu pun sejam je (nasib baik malam tadi fartlek session. So, laju sikit training habis).

Alhamdulillah, petang semalam juga dah nampak hasilnya.  Aleesya dah sembuh. Mamoru pun impressed.

Pagi ni dah cure sepenuhnya!

Breastmilk do wonders!

Ni gambar malam kelmarin. Mata melekat sampai tak boleh buka. Both mata bengkak. Merah.

Gambar pagi semalam. Selepas directfeed sepanjang malam. Nampak ok sikit. Tinggal sebelah mata je bengkak & merah.
Gambar kat klinik tengahari semalam. 

Doktor kat klinik pun macam tak percaya Aleesya sakit mata teruk malam tadi. Sebab masa jumpa doktor, mata Aleesya dah makin ok.