Monday, October 24, 2022

Score marathon 2022

Ran another running event just a week after Augustman last week. 10km only. 

I was nervous as Im running alone without Mamoru - he ran 30km. Normally Mamoru will keep me in check and prevent me from running too fast - coz Im just not ready tor it. My knee is not ready.  And I havent train at all.  I only run during event. And as expected, I ran a little too fast yesterday. Maybe coz I enjoyed the route and music in my playlist. So I forgot to watch my pace. 

I finished strong despite lack of training. 1 hour 12 mins for 10km. I can even catwalk gracefully without cramps or sakit kaki 😅 Impressive.

I should get into proper training soon. I wanted  to experience podium again 😉

Didnt take many photo as I was nervous running alone this time. Should have take more pics 😌


Thursday, October 20, 2022

Throwback Augustman & Garmin running event

Enjoying our run. 

Told Mamoru I wanted to start training for full marathon next year. He is very supportive and encourage me to go for it. But I have doubt. Can I still do it? I mean run 42km non stop like last time? 😅

Whatever, I wanna try again 💪

During Augustman run at Maeps Serdang last week.

Us during Garmin event last month.


Wednesday, October 19, 2022

My 365 days leave plans

My 1 year sabbatical leave will officially starts on 25 Oct 22. Currently Im still utilising my annual leave. Been enjoying my time at home being 
a fulltime housewife. Never felt so much happier and stress free from officework. The feelings are amazing!

I got to spend more time with kiddos. Sending/fetch them from schools. Cook proper meals for breakfast, lunch & dinner. I used to order takeout/foodpanda all the time. MasyaAllah, Im so thankful for the time, rizq and love given to me and my family. Alhamdullilah.

I already have plan on how I want to spend my 365 days leave starting 25 Oct. Apart from spending it with family, I also want to try doing small business from home - who knows right? This is the only time I got to try something new. If everything went well, I might generate new income from it. If things went south (God forbid), I still can resume my office job after my long leave. Betul tak?

Betul. Betul. Betul

Im so pumped!


Thursday, October 13, 2022

Congrats and all the best Mamoru

Last teman Mamoru outstation under Honda Malaysia. He has officially tendered his resignation few months ago.

Mamoru seems very sad leaving Honda. Of course, hes been with the company for more than a decade and he was recently promoted to a managerial position in Honda too. It was a hard decision for him to leave the company. I counted more than 7 farewell ceremonies/events held for him before his last day in Honda Melaka and KL.  Yeap, to that extend. He was loved by his colleagues and bosses. 

I feels sad and happy at the same time too. Sad because hes leaving his comfort zone in Honda. And happy because he already started working at a new place with better perks. He deserves it. Its gonna be tough year for him this year as he have to focus on 2 new things in his life:

1. His new position in the new company
2. His study. 

I believe I didnt mention Mamoru is doing his master degree at the same time. He is a graduate student. Im so proud of him. Cant wait to celebrate his graduation in Master of IT. It'll definately inspire our kids to achive theirs too someday.

I pray all went smooth and success for both his career and study. 

October is our new month begins our new routine. Totally new. InsyaAllah we go through this together.

Below, our short stay in Swiss Garden, Melaka


Wednesday, October 05, 2022

See you after one year

A suprise celebration by the department making the goodbyes part becomes harder for me. 

Thank you for the 13 years. And I do love you all too! See you guys again in October 2023

Im taking one year sabatical leave from office work 😊