Monday, July 31, 2017

Balik lambat lagi

Macam dah dapat agak apa akan jadi untuk TMMT Jumaat ni. Lack of rest, sleep..

Frust. Seriously.

Budget preparation week this week. Dateline macam onggila. Bagi task hari ni, tapi submission nak semalam, boleh?

Haih. No point membebel kat sini.

Dah jom balik rumah. Malam ni, berjaga lagi sambung buat keje ofis. Dengan harapan, boleh kejar semua submission.

Takpe, akak sabau. Akak layankan. Janji bonus next year boleh bawak anak2 pi main salji.


Sunday, July 30, 2017

Trail running

Cerita siang tadi.

Solo trail run at Nuang. Jumpa ramai hikers & runners yang panjat gunung Nuang. Lama woo tak jejak sini. Since 2015 kot.

Jejak je kaki masuk hutan Nuang, aku boleh senyum sorang2. Bestnya feeling ni. Walaupun tak dapat camping, dapat lari atas trek balak ni pun dah nikmat sangat. Tak sabarnya tunggu tahun depan. Nak sambung conquer gunung2 baru kat malaysia dan luar negara, insyaAllah.

Timing looping Pangsun-Lolo improved a lot since 2015 (Nuang Ultra). Kalau dulu timing satu loop 1:45. Now 1:25. Impressive eh?

Tak de siapa kat Lolo. Seram.. kikiki.

Jumpa Arina kat ranger.

Jumpa kak Aza masa second loop

Almost pukul 7 malam baru gerak keluar dari Pangsun. Singgah restoran mek siam Nana. Sedappp oiiii. Tak sangka kat area Hulu Langat da ada banyakkk restoran sedapp. Nampak nau lama tak mai sini.

Our dinner, kerabu mangga, tom yam seafood, ikan kembung rebus digoreng, sup ayam, udang butter, telur dadar & kopok. Tersandar kekenyangan.

Tenkiuu Mamoru babysit kiddos kat Pangsun. Siap berkhemah hammok bagai. Suka la kiddos main masak2, main campfire etc.

Ni masa dah packing nak balik. Memasing da mandi. Kalau tak berlengas memasing. Mommy yang lari, depa pulak bermandi peluh.

Their ride.. hahaha. Comel nau nau nau.

Kemain main hepi memasing. Yang tengah tu pun boleh tahannn... Haha

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Am I ready for another attempt?

I dont know.

Work is killing me. Everyone in my unit is taking block leave including the bosses. Means I have to take the additional ad-hoc task AND that means no leave is allowed for me.

No leave allowed for next Friday. For The Magnificent Merapoh Trail 2017. The ultra trail marathon event will start on Friday night at 9.00pm. I don't know whether I could make it on time from KL. I'll finished my work at 5.00pm. I only got 4 hours to drive to Merapoh.

Four solid hours. Means, the moment I arrive there, I just gotta hop out from the car and hit the starting point with the rest of the runners. Provided there's no traffic jem lah kan.

Haish. Gotta get my running gears ready.

Lets pray this won't be another DNF due to lack of rest or DNS due to time constraints.

Need more Steigen socks. I wore this socks all the way 60km for more than 12 hours straight during Cultra. No blister at all. Its impressive. I really suggested those active runners to try this socks. I even promote this to Ezam. Hope it will work on him like mine did. 

Not sute what to wear for TMMT. Steigen socks is a must. 2XU compression pant also in the to go list (mind, my 2xu pants is all the same design and color. I got a few of it. It might looked like I wore the same pants over and over again. Its not tau)

Lets pray for some miracle. Lets pray it won't be any traffic jem on Friday so that I'll reach Merapoh just on time.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Frozen strawberry

Steady run 10k on flat route in 46mins. Kalau hilly, tak dapek la kan. Wish one day I could run competitive 10k below 45mins. But right now I havent got the time to focus on that. I got bigger mission.

Later ok.

Lepas lari pekena megi (teringin nau) sambil minum stobewi frozen yang di blend (no water or sugar). Sedaapppp okeh. Rasa macam ice blended je.

Stobewi beli kat cameron ada banyak. Takut tak tahan lama, aku bubuh dalam freezer. Nak minum, blend kan aje. Esok nak buat lagi. Nak bubuh asam boi seketul. Sure sedappp kan kan kan

Cuti-cuti Cameron Highlands

Tahun ni tahun yang banyakkk pergi berjalan. Suka lah anak2. Utara Selatan Timur Barat area Semenanjunh ni kita berjalan ❤️

Throwback gambar masa kat Cameron aritu. Post race after DNF Ciltra 100km.. hihi.

Sakan pi jalan sambil makan. Maklum lah lepasblari 61km. Perut lapar sesaja. Tu nasib baik tak habiskan 100k. Macam mana lah agaknya tahap kelaparan tu kan.. haha.

Wolf comel. 

Layan desert kat port musti pi setiapkali naik Cameron : Raju's Hill cafe! Waffle dia dapp!

Minion comei.. sessi paw mommy& daddy.. haha

Teman mommy beli pokok bunga. Dapat lah 3 pasu bunga kat sini

Jenjalan kea Farm

Kea Farm dah ada port best sekarang tau.

Gadis strawberry.. suka nau makan buah ni. Macam mommy gak. Tapi mommy takde lah gigit gitu. Mommy makan ngan madu..hihi

Ariff pun beli pokok bunga. Dia yang pilih pokok tu. Cantik katanya. Dia volunteer nak jaga pokok tu sampai besau katanya..

Siang petang pagi malam makan strawberry ❤️

Ariff teruja berdiri dalam giant bubble

Amarr pun sana ❤️

Puas hati. Next kita pi cameron, kita camping pulak nahh. Mommy sukaaaa camping kat sini. Cejuk!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Antara berlari berpuluh2 kilometer berjam-jam dari pagi sampai malam dengan bekerja lebih dari masa yang sepatutnya, penat bekerja adalah lebih men-stress-kan (jangan ikut ayat mommy okay, anak-anak. Rosak bahasa korang nanti)

Semalam first day masuk keje lepas bercuti 4 hari kat Cameron Highlands. Dan semalam gak, pukul 9.30malam baru balik umah 😭😭😭


Tak boleh jadi ni. Dah lebih sebulan kot asyik balik keje lambat. Asyik sedekah masa kat tempat keje. Aku bukan keje dengan charitable company. Tsk.

This has to end. Starting today. Anything that comes after 5 boleh carryfwd esok je. Kalau tak nanti, buat keje jadi tak ikhlas.. kan kan kan..

Rindu kat dia ni. Satu perangai pelik dia bila masuk bilik hotel: dia akan panjat katil, tarik selimut dan duduk camni for few second. Comel. Nanti untuk katil dalam bilik dia, mommy kena always tuck quilt camni ❤️

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Cameron Ultra 2017 - DNF

Cameron Ultra trail. My first attempt running 100km. DNF at CP6 at km61 at 7.00pm

Regret? No.
Sedih? Yes.

I trained so hard for this race. So hard.

Being a fulltime working mom of three with no maid. Breastfeeding mother to my 1yr 8 mths toddler. Finding time to train for marathon (in this case, ultra trail marathon) is not easy. So its really sedih to not being able to complete the race yesterday.

The race started at 4.45am. Everthing was ok at the beginning.

I reached CP 2 - Sg Pauh campsite at 6.30am. From there, I managed to reached gunung Berembun peak in 54 minutes only. Faster by 5 minutes from last year record.

Reached CP 3 - Robinson at 8.20am.
Then CP 4 - Boh Guardhse at 9.22am.
And CP 5 - Boh Cafe at 10.49am

I felt pretty good. If my calculation was right, I will finish the race in 22 hours as planned.

Route to CP 6 was quite a challenge. The longest CP in cultra route - distance 13km. Kena make sure ration air cukup.

My mistake was, lupa nak amik kira faktor cuaca. It was scorching hot whole afternoon. No wind or cool breeze at all. I didnt expect this kind of wheather in Cameron. Like, hello, Cameron kot. Suppose to be sejuk ok. Thats the main reason I choose to run my 1st 100k here. So, I wont suffer the heat 😭😭😭😭

Arrived CP 6 at 1.00pm. Its was crazy. Lost lotsa time here. It was so hot. Takda port teduh pun. Tea farm. Semua pokok rendah. I saw 3 guys ran with umbrella. Yes it was that hot. I also noticed a few runners decided to quit here.

Refilled my water bag here and quickly proceed to CP 7. Saw so many 55km runners here. Some of them already made a u-turn.

Reached CP 7 -  Green Quarters at 2pm. At this point, I walk/ran 5km per hour. From a far, I saw few runners ahead of me started climb up the  steep hill. They was so far and looked like a tiny dots moving uphill.

Saw few guys already made a u-turn for 100km. Waved to say hi to them. Nobody wave or smile back. Everybody looked tired. Most all of them used walking stick with both hands. For a while, I regret for not bringing the foldable Black Diamond sticks that Mamoru bought for me from Nepal.

Brace myself, fought the heat and proceed to my last checkpoint. I was all alone. I saw only a couple of runners very far behind me. I thought, I must be among the last runner to reach CP 8. Begin to lost hope, here. It was only 5km to reach CP 8. But the heat really weakened me.

Arrived CP 8 - Kg Pangen at 3pm. Took me 11 hours to reached here from starting point.

I saw lots of familiar faces here. Ryna, Neves, Murk, Hata. Suprised knowing that Im among the earliest group of women reaching CP8. Then I told myself, not so bad, isnt it. I still got more than enough time to complete the race.

Called Mamoru. Updated about my race and location. Told him I feel like I want to quit. He disagreed and tried to motivated me. He told me to think about all the hard work training Ive done for this race. He even asked my kids to shout "Mommy kena kuat".

I spent almost 2 hours here. Rest and fueled myself. At 4.30pm, I continued walk/run to CP 7 back. Felt strong. Reached CP 7 at 5.30pm.

The weather has changed. From scorching hot to cold windy and drizzly. I heard thunder. No more clear blue sky. All dark clouds now.

Arrived CP 6 at 7.00pm. Already dark. One of the cultra crew shouted, "Adlyana, ok tak?". I said "Tak ok", then I laughed. He warned me not to walk alone. He said CP 2 - Sg Pauh rained heavily. The heavy rain might hit the tea farm anytime now.

The other cultra's crew said, one of the runner got hyperthermia. That scared me. Hyperthermia. Rasa macam, better cuaca panas dari hujan lebat kat Cameron.

I was not ready for this kind of wheather. Kalau hujan lebat masa naik gunung Berembun, tak apa coz the trees will blocked the strong wind. I might get wet but not that cold. Kalau kat ladang teh, hujan dan angin gunung plus kilat petir tetengah ladang teh? And alone?

Decided to call it off at CP6 (61km).

Contemplating at first. But learning from experience, I know my body couldnt tolerate the cold. Tempreture dropped so fast to 14°c. Badan dah gigil. It'll be a lot colder if my cloths are wet. The cold will slow me down. I can still finish within cut off time, but if I proceed to run more than 24 hours, I will face another problem - swolen breast. That will hurt alot. I could get a high fever due to not breastfeed more than 24 hours.

This race is important to me. My first 100k. But its not worth the risk.

So I surrendered my race bib.

Guess, I made the right decision. Saw a big group of runners also quit the race. Rain poured heavily all the way back to strating point. Kami balik naik lori Bomba.

Mamoru already waited for me at Tanah Rata. He quickly covered me with his jacket. I was shiverring like crazy. Balik hotel terus mandi air panas. Aleesya already craving for her supermilk.. haha.

Cultra 100km 2017. Mission failed. Guess, I will be seeing u again next year. InsyaAllah.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Data overload

I havent got the time to think about my first attemp to run 100km ultra trail marathon in Cameron Highlands this Saturday. No time at all.

Dalam kepala penuh dengan data UAT, datelines, submission, meeting etc etc..

Good thing is, aku tak sempat pun nak rasa nervous. Tak sempat nak fikir pasal hazab nak berlari 100km dengan cut off tine 29 jam. Takde rasa apa langsung.

Tapi the bad things is, aku tak packing lagiiii.. sila menangis dalam hati. Tskkk..

Plan nak gerak ke Cameron malam ni. Tapi tolak tambah masa ambil untuk packing dan cari barang2 last minit, confirm subuh esok baru bertolak kot.


Right. Sambung keje balik. Harap sempat siapkan semuanya. Kalau tak, balik malam lagi la nampaknya.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Energy drained

Acaner ni?

Cultra belum start tapi badan dah lemau.

Harini full contrentation buat keje. Break pun masa birthday celebration tadi.

Nak kejar dateline punya pasal. Pukul 8.30 malam baru keluar ofis.

Penat otak oii. Lari full marathon pun tak penat sampai camni.Dah berapa minggu asyik balik keje malam je.

Serious tough. Terpaksa curi2 masa lari at odd hours and weird places.

Lucily, its tapering week this week before cultra raceday this Saturday. So, no more long run. No more running 20km almost everynight.

Cuma, plan untuk rest dan dapatkan tidur yang cukup masih tak kesampaian.

My work is killing me. Tak cukup dengan keje kat ofis, terpaksa bawak balik ke rumah. Sambung hadap data sampai subuh 😭😭😭

Worried about my race this weekend - Im lack of rest/sleep.
Worried about work - datelines!
Worried about lots of thing ☹️☹️

Ok. Enough membebel. Nak sambung siapkan keje. Bersusun dateline nak kene kejar.

Makanan masa birthday celebration tengahari tadi. Tenkiuu collagues, siap belikan kek, dan bersusah payah masak & bawak makanan dari rumah. Sedappp. Puas carboload siang tadi.

Geng2mulut lazer tapi baik hati budi

Tenkiuu girls! ❤️❤️

Monday, July 17, 2017


Cantik kan tarikh ni. Secantik orang yang lahir pada tarikh ni kan kan.. haha.

Tak berenti notification kat fb & whatapps dari tengah malam tadi sampai sekarang ni.

Terima kasih semua. Tak sempat nak reply. Terima kasih juga atas wish & doa. Aminnn.


Sunday, July 16, 2017


Last Friday.

My Imams. All 3 of them.

Ariff: Mommy, Allah yang jadikan orang kafir kan dengan Allah jadikan orang Islam juga kan.
Me: Ya. (Jawab sambil tengok henfon)
Ariff: Mommy orang kafir masuk neraka ya? Orang Islam masuk syurga kan.
Me: Ya, sayang.
Ariff: Tapi kenapa Allah jadikan orang kafir untuk masuk neraka? Kenapa tak jadikan semua orang Islam, boleh semua masuk syurga.

Terus letak henfon dan tarik dia duduk depan aku. This one requires serious conversation. 

Told him, Tuhan jadikan semua babies yang lahir kat dunia baik & suci. Bila baby tu dah besar, kalau dia lahir dalam family kafir, dia boleh buay pilihan untuk masuk islam, so dia boleh masuk syurga. Kalau dia still tak mau masuk islam, dan pilih untuk jadi kafir, then its his choice. Dan kalau dia masuk neraka, its not Tuhan to be blamed why dia masuk neraka ☺️☺️



Ariff & Amarr

Kena dengan teks khutbah ❤️

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Weekend is for kiddos

No running today.

Daddy pegi daypack hiking Bukit Kutu kat KKB.

Mommy layan kiddos buat inddor xtvt kat rumah sambil memasak je lah.

Mommy masak, kiddos makan.
Kiddos makan, mommy masak.. ❤️

Buat spaghetti carbonara, baked macaroni, oreo truffle & kek batik. Nak buat biskut cornflakes tapi tak sempat sebab Aleesya ajak main tulis2.. hihi. Aleesya tak pandai menulis lagi. Menconteng pandai lah. Pastu bebel2 pasal apa yang dia conteng tu. So, layankan.

Lewat petang, bawa semua gi turun swimming pool. Elok lah tu. Boleh Mommy join buat recovery dalam pool.

Lets mandi!

Tengok tu, tak menyempat abang2 dia nak buka selipar, dia dah laju nak terjun masuk pool.

Eh camne buat jari peace eh?

Semua kena pakai floaties.. hihi

Lepaskan caye.. caye nak mandi dalam pool!

Swimming pool, here I come!!

Gambar masa mandi takde, mommy kene kosentret jaga si Cantik. Dia tak pandai berenang lagi. Abang2 dah pandai berenang.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Raya lagi

Lepas lari semalam, buat recovery walk a.k.a berjalan raya.

Sampai ke Kuala Selangor kami berjalan.

Best melawat rumah kawan2. Sharing info deco rumah, info busniess. Mencurah2 idea datang. InsyaAllah.. soon!

Almost maghrib baru sampai KL. Kiddos semua pukul 8 ++ dah pingsan. Semua tidur awal.

Percubaan amik family photo

Semua tanak bergambar. Sibuk nak gi bermain. Aleesya pun sama..haha

Daddy layan main buaian

Manja tau.. asyik nak daddy je dia ni. Nak susu je datang kat mommy.. gewam.

Happy dapat main batu.

Kepenatan.. ❤️



Sunday, July 09, 2017

Done LSD Hulu Langat Marathon

Hulu Langat Marathon 42km 2017.

Best sangat!

Water station meriah dengan buah-buahan : Pisang, tembikai, nangka, durian, rambutan, kek & kelapa muda. Kat finishing pulak, ada buah-buahan, air sirap, isotonik, cendol & nasi briyani.. kuih raya takde.. haha.

Cuaca terbaik. Redup je. Hujan lebat masa 5km towards finishing. Hujan sekejap je. Tapi lencun jugak lah.

Timing 4:59 (unofficial). Jadi lah kan. Kata nak LSD je. Lagipun aku takde rest langsung. Non stop training sampai hari ni.

Nak push boleh tapi takut amik masa lama untuk muscle to recover. Aku takde masa nak rest lama2. Tinggal seminggu je lagi untuk training cultra sebelum taper week.

Empat hari sebelum marathon ni, total mileage gain 65km (since Rabu). Termasuk hari ni 107km (for 5 days). Still kurang mileage.

Tapi kalau tengok performance hari ni, I feel great! InsyaAllah boleh complete 100km cultra. Cuma tak sure berapa jam aku akan ambil untuk complete the whole race. Hopefully Im not the last to finish.. haha.

Habis lari terus balik umah. Mandi sat pastu masak lauk sambal udang, sup telur & nasik. Superwomen sangat kan.. haha. 

Now anak2 dah kenyang, jom pi open house. Raya kan sebulan ❤️

Saturday, July 08, 2017

Kalau dah rezeki

Orang baik dalam dunia ni memang rare. Susah nak jumpa. Kalau yang pretend baik melambak.. haha.

Isnin aritu aku beli buah- buahan kat supermarket Hero. Masa nak gi kat parking, aku singgah kat gerai apam balik tepi JPJ Bandar Sri Permaisuri. Sedapp woo apam balik kat situ. Meriah dan melimpah ruah bahan-bahan dalam apam balik yang dia buat. Aku paling suka apam balik coklat.. melelehhh okay!

Masa kat gerai tu aku leka tengok sorang budak lelaki baya Ariff. Dia nak beli 5 apam balik kecik (satu apam balik kecik harga lima posen. Tapi duit dia just boleh beli 2 je kot). Masa nak balik, aku kasi budak tu duit raya, pastu terus gerak pi keta. Tak perasan tertinggal satu plastik besar buah-buahan kat gerai tu. Dah malam baru teringat.

Aku bajet, pakcik tu sure simpankan dan aku boleh collect esoknya. Tapi, start dari hari Selasa sampai Jumaat, aku balik keje lambat. Malam baru sampai parking keta kat Permaisuri. Gerai apam balik pun dah tutup.

So, start dari petang selasa lagi aku dah niat sedekah je lah.

Pagi tadi, aku lari kat Tasik Permaisuri. Masa nak balik, aku nampak pakcik yang jual apam balik tu buka gerai kat area playground. Rupanya weekend dia bukak gerai kat Tasik Permaisuri. Weekday kat JPJ.

Aku singgah tapau apam balik sebelum balik rumah. Bila nampak je muka aku, pakcik tu terus suruh aku tunggu jap, dia nak balik umah amik plastik buah yang aku tinggalkan kat gerai dia.

Aku macam terkejut. Biar betul dia simpan sampai hari ni. Dekat seminggu kot aku tertinggal buah tu. Aku refused nak amik sebab dah niat sedekah kann.

Aku tanya kenapa tak makan je. Takut buah manggis tu keras, nanti tak boleh makan. Wife pakcik tu cakap, tak berani nak makan. Kalau orang tertinggal barang kat gerai, dia akan usaha pulangkan semula. Berniaga kena jujur katanya, baru rezeki berkat. Dia bimbang, kalau dia amik hak orang, perniagaan dia tak untung.

Semoga bertambah murah rezeki dia dan semoga aku dikelilingi orang2 macam dia❤️

Ohh, nak jot down. Tadi abang yang jual buah kat Tasik invite aku pi wedding anak dia. Aku selalu beli buah & air kat abang tu kalau lari area tasik. Dia buat majlis kat restoran Santai. Dekat sangat. InsyaAllah, aku datang 😉😉

Buah2 yang tertinggal kat gerak apam balik. Still fresh even dah dekat seminggu pakcik tu simpankan.

Homemade lunch dengan apam balik as desert ❤️

Ni status aku letak kat FB Isnin aritu. Masa aku tertinggal plastik berisi buah kat gerai apam balik.

Thursday, July 06, 2017


Dapat bib free for Hulu Langat Marathon

Didnt expect it. Especially bila dah last minit macam ni. Thanks to Mamoru for arranging it. And thank you Nea  for the bib❤️

Im a happy runner!

Now I have another LSD right before Cultra 😉

Baca infor tentang marathon ni, organizer provide water station every 3km. Mewah dengan air.. haha. Tayah bawak hydration bag.

Lebih meriah bila organizer  provide buah-buahan including durian! Amboi, amboi, amboi.. kuih raya takde ke? Haha.

Cold feet

16 days left..

For my first 100 km ultra trail marathon.

So much pressure.

Can I do it?


Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Open department Raya

Berlari aku dari EPF building kat Jalan Raja Laut ke menara Maybank. 

Semata nak menghantar daun kadok. Penat akak. Almost 1km jalan kaki okay. Nasib baik akak rajin training lari. So bab lari tak ada masalah, cuma lari berbaju kurung dengan handbag? Hilang keayuan akak tadi 😫😫

Sempat join kawan2 se-department buat portluck raya. Akak supply daun kadok & buah mata kucing ja. Tak sempat nk masak segala bagai. Akak busy. Pagi tadi pun tak habis training dengan staff EPF.

Daun kadok tu untuk menu utama miang kham. Dapp!! Dari last week plan dengan kak sue nak buat makanan siam ni.. hihi. Menjadi jugak..