Sunday, December 31, 2017

Best moment 2017

This is to summarize all the best moment I had in 2017:

1. Broke my first sub-5 hours in Twincity 42km in January 2017 (4:42)

2. Won 7th placing at BBR Trail run 15km in February 2017

3. Won 7th placing Shah Alam 21k in February 2017 (2:04)

4. Won 5th placing Powerman Dualthlon in February 2017 (5k-30k-5k)

4. Won 7th placing at Possible Run 10km in March 2017 (0:55)

5. Champion for Pahang International 42km in March at 4:21.

6. Won 9th placing Sungai Menyala Trail 50km in April 2017

7. Overseas runcation at Bali 42km in August 2017 (4:38)

8. Won 5th placing Terengganu 42km in Sep 2017 (4:21)

9. Won 3rd placing in Klang 42km in Nov 2017 (4:44)

Thank you & farewell 2017. Welcome 2018, may my stars shine brighter and my wings spread wider & fly higher.

This song is for my family. Thank you for being with me. Make me what I am today.

"You Raise Me Up"

When I am down and, oh, my soul, so weary;
When troubles come and my heart burdened be;
Then I am still and wait here in the silence,
Until you come and sit awhile with me.

You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains;
You raise me up to walk on stormy seas;
I am strong when I am on your shoulders;
You raise me up to more than I can be.

Cuti lari

No running this weekend tho cuti 3 hari.

We spend time totally for kiddos since next Tuesday they will start busy again with schools, tuitions & kelas mengaji.

Spent time jalan2 shopingmalls sambil cari barang2 untuk kiddos &  deco rumah.

Spent time watching movies. Jumanji & Coco. I cried while watching citer kartun Coco.. haha. Cerita kartun pun boleh sedih tau. Even Ariff also said he was moved watched the ending part of the movie. Aww.. ❤️

Spent time prepared their bajus & shoes for a week straight. Tanak kelam kabut nanti.

Oh Im a busy mom

Today nak bawa kiddos for their hair cut. And then, we're ready for 2018 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Friday, December 29, 2017

Appraisal week


Though it was already expexted, I am still so happy with the good news from my manager, section head and head of department. Thank you.

Gotta tell, that this is not without hardwork, tears & sacrifices tau. God knows what Ive been thru.

Thanks to Mamoru for his sacrifices too. Especially when it comes to the kids. Mind you, I have no EL & no MC at all for this year tau. All thanks to him. Thank you, Mamoru so much ❤️

Its a wrap for 2017. I am so thankfull and blessed. Alhamdullilah.

Happy new year 2018!


Balik lambat yesterday. Looks who fetched & accompanied me from work and teman naik LRT last night.❤️

Muka happy after appraisal meeting with bosses.


Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Resume training

Busy as a queen 🐝🐝. Its year end everyone!

Alhamdullilah for this year of 2017. Truly blessed, in terms of family, health, work & things I love to do.

Last week, after attended a meeting with my boss, he complimented my work. He said he saw a lot of improvement and few other things. Even my colleague said she hear my HOD complimented on my works too. Whoaa.. That really made up my whole year already. Especially when  KPI's submission is this week 🤞

Its a good sign right? 😊😊

Alhamdullilah. Alhamdullilah. Alhamdullillah.

I am loved.

Cant wait for 2018 ❤️❤️

Throwback gambar Aleesya masa kat Melaka. Shes very talkative now & peramah, even with strangers. She talks mostly in English (akak tak ajar pun tau). Suka sangat bertanya.. "Daddy, what's that?".. Pastu dah pandai cakap tenkiuu & your welcome, everytime orang bagi dia something. Bagi salam nak masuk rumah, baca doa makan (yang ni dia baca ikut bahasa dia.. haha). Banyak lagi perkataan yang dia dah pandai cakap ❤️.

Selain menari, Aleesya sekarang developing hobi merajuk. This one seriously fascinating to watch tau. Never experienced this kind of "girly merajuk thingy" with my two boys before this. Even Mamoru suka sangat sakat dia semata nak tengok dia merajuk.

Nanti lah create entry khas untuk milestone Aleesya.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Weekend in Melaka

Done majlis berkampung in Melaka for my step sister's wedding. I will be in charge in decorating the Bride's room & mini pelamin for nikah session only.

The nikah & solemnization will be held at my house (again ❤️) in second week of January.

Cant wait!

Suka dia naik.motor atuk, pakai helmet & Sunglasses atuk ❤️

Ni semalam masa gi mancing & cari remis kat tei pantai Kuala

Kiddos & their cousins. Dapat jumpa sepupu2 pun dah happy sangat depa ni

Kosentret cari remis.

Sesi bakar kupang & masak remis. Pastu makan ramai2 kat laman rumah. Borak sampai tengah malam ❤️❤️

Aleesya & Zahra mandi kolam

Penuh sebakul tau remis ni. Banyakkk sangat.

Cantik Aleeesya ❤️

Today session.. cari kayu untuk memasak masa hari kenduri nanti. Kami kat Melaka still buat kenduri old fashion.. takde catering. Masak lauk kampung je ❤️

Part best cari kayu getah ni, boleh dapat banyak cendawan kukur tau. Sedappp kalau buat gulai kari.. ❤️❤️❤️

Friday, December 22, 2017

Throwback masa kat hospital

Ni gambar last 2 weeks. Masa both Amarr & Aleesya admitted kat hospital. Berkampung satu family kat sana.

We got the whole room for us. Senang nak manage anak2.

Musim demam kan. Esp bila cuaca asyik hujan. Luckily nothing serious.

Now both dah sihat. Dan mommy doakan semoga anak2 mommy sentiasa diberikan kesihatan yang baik, dipanjangkan umur dan dijauhkan dari penyakit berbahaya.


Jalan2 with kiddos

Since Amarr & Aleesya baru baik demam, tak dapat nak pi cuti2 jauh2 or lasak2.

So jalan around KL je lah.

InsyaAllah kita postpone tarikh lain soon ya anak2.


Ni masa belum buka stitches kat gusi. Pi makan bubur kat the famous kedai bubur Kg Baru. Sedappp sangattt!

Kedai mek siam rupanya. Ariff Amarr siap mengadu diaorang tak faham apa yang pekerja staff tu cakap  masa amik order.. haha.

Anyway.. cuti panjang sampai krismas. Hm.. nak pi hiking ke tanak.. Nak pi ke tanak.. Nak ke tanak..

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Travel, make memories & run a Marathon

I have upgraded my training from group training session to one-on-one session with coach Edan.

I have a very big dream. Most of it about running. But apart from it, I also plan for something benefitial out of it for my future & family as well. Just gotta work hard for it. InsyaAllah.

Oh, one bad news (not so bad actually): I have to DNS (did not show-up) for my Cebu marathon in Philipines next January as the date clashes with my step-sister's wedding. She was supposedly to wed this December but have to change the date due to unforeseen reason. So, family comes first kan ❤️

Anyway, I already got something bigger than Cebu 😊😊. Last week, Jolene asked me whether I wanted to join them for SAC runcation in Australia. Kak Rin & Vanidah also pujuk me to run Gold Coast. Tapi last week tak decide lagi nak pi ke tak.

But today,  I made up my mind. Yes! I want! I want! 

2018 is my time to fly high!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Dear all marathon organizer in Malaysia,

Things I hope all marathon organizers in Malaysia would change/improve in 2018:

1. Safety

2. Categories: Pls be firm and fix the age category for women. Im confused coz sometimes they put me under women Open and few times under Veteran.  Mind you, we dont have Jr Veteran like the guys. Bias kan.

3. Fair prizes for all categories: Can u believe, we women run the same distance as men but our cash prizes often half than what men categories get? Any reason to that? Why so bias? Mens & Women veteren categories often being unfairly treated as they also received half of th prizes for the same distance in running. Why? Arent they putting the same effort as everyone else?

4. Pacers: Pls choose the one that can really do the job. Pacers must familiar with the route, water station, aids. And most important must run at the correct pace. Ive encontered pacer who make me sesat jalan this year, and pacer who run a little faster than they should and then slowed halfway chit chat with buddies then speed a little bit and waited at finishing with konon nak motivate runners to push their last 100metres. Be professional will ya? Run together finish together.

5. Running bib: Why need to print so big one? Hard to run with it. Can get paper cut or chaffing during our run tau. No one read or care about sponsors logo printed on it. Besides, its all already printed on our vest/tee. Less is more, ok.

Still got few more important things to jot down. But I gotta take the kids jalan2. To be continued.


Monday, December 18, 2017

Hello 2018!

Im all ready for another awesome adventure in 2018! Bring it on!

After a week with 0 mileage because of dental surgery (precisely 6 days), I started running again yesterday, during (a supposed to be long run) Twincity running clinic at Cyberjaya.

My body wasnt ready to run at the designated pace carried by our Pacers. But I keep on running anyway, at my own pace - making sure the Pacers are still within sights and I was not too far behind them.

Luckily, it was just 3 loops (12km with terrible timing 1:18 😌😌😌) for half marathoners (yes, Im running 21km for Twincity this time. Im a good girl tau, dengar kata coach not to do the full marathon for Twincity as I just finished one last week.

Right now, I plan improve my 21km timing. After a setback before my KCIM last week, I really need to take one thing at a time. Slowly but surely.

I knew Im gonna achive something great in 2018. I can feel it. With the support and love from my family, I knew I could achive so much more.


Saturday, December 16, 2017

Yeay.. discharged

After few days spent our nights at Hopital Pantai Bangsar, today Dr Azam said they can be discharged.

Have to posponed  our cuti2 coz both baru baik demam. Supposed, yesterday we depart to Gopeng for kiddos rafting trip. They have been very excited to ride their first raft in Sungai Gopeng. But maybe next time lah. Bila dah betul2 sihat nanti ya.

Now mommy masih berbaki cuti sampai Rabu next week. Nak buat apa eh?

Cerita kelakar: 

Daddy tinggalkan Amarr sorang2 dalam bilik sebab nak turun pi lobby kat bawah sekejap dengan Aleesya. Mula2 dia kata dia brave. Bila daddy keluar, dia pi tekan button emergency banyak2 kali sampai 5 orang nurse berlari masuk bilik. Terkejut tengok nurse semua panik kerumun dia, boleh pulak dia cover cakap kat nurse tu, "Saya nak nasi dengan fish".. Tsk..

Aleesya yang cantik. Semua orang cakap Aleesya tak sihat pun still nampak cantik. Tengok lah siapa mommy & daddy dia kan.. 😊😊

Kesayangan nurses kat sini. Baik je dengar kata. Amik neb pun pegang sendiri. Aleesya just demam viral je. Jarang sangat sakit berlarut macam ni. Dan Aleesya tak ada asthma macam abang2 dia. ❤️❤️

Amarr kena asthma. Resting pulse rate dia bila kema attack sama macam pulse aku bila lari pace 6:00. Dulu aku pun selalu kena asthma teruk camni masa kecik2. Tapi bila dah besar tak ada dah. Amarr kena lebih aktif lepas ni.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Throwback KCIM 2017

Last marathon for this year.

Guess I have to be satisfied with this one.

Finished in 4 hours 44 minutes. Placed myself in 3rd place. Won a trophy & some cash prizes ❤️

I will come back even stronger. I know I will 💪💪💪.