Thursday, February 28, 2019

Yeay, esok Jumaat.

MWM  race kit dah collect nervous pula nak tunggu Ahad 😅

Target? Timing? Takde, takde semua tu. Just nak buat yang terbaik je. Dapat berlari pun dah hepi sangat. Kalau PB, tu kira bonus 😁😁

Esok nak collect race kit kiddos pulak & bike check in.

Lets enjoy our weekend to its fullest 💪🔥

Wakilkan kiddos je pi dualthlon. Cycling not my thing. But, Im glad I was once placed in top 5 in my age category in 2017. Cukup la kan. Its not that I cant do better, its just I dont want to persue. Gittuhhh. Ada nada berlagak kat situ.. hahahahampunnn

Last night dinner.. prawn as my protein source.. hihi. 

Tonights dinner.. with bubur durian kacang hitam as desert

In need for a chest HR

Read as, nak beli jam baru hihihhihu 😂

My Suunto Spartan Sports Baro (with wrist HR), tak pernah accurate (like, at all). Kalau tengok HR data kat Movecount or Strava, confirm semua kat Zone 5. Easy run pun zone 5 peginya 😂😂

HR data tak accurate bukan sebab jam tu tak ok. Jam terbaik cuma pergelangan tangan aku terlalu kecil. Almost sama saiz dengan wrist Aleesya (3 years 3 months) 😂😂 So, HR tak boleh detect especially bila aku berlari.

Suruh Mamoru surveykan Garmin. First time nak beralih arah dari Suunto ke Garmin. Selepas lebih 10 tahun aku setia pakai Suunto.

Dah teruja nak pakai Garmin Fenix 5. Tapi bila baca review.. hurm terus kansel. Ramai komplen kena return product sebab defect, lambat detect GPS, jam masuk air, dan paling tak boleh accept, auto retart / reload masa tengah run (yang ni ngeri kalau jadi masa race) 😂😂

Well, maybe tak semua jam Garmin macam tu, tapi better avoid dari aku sakit hati nanti.. hihi

Sepanjang 10 tahun aku pakai Suunto tak pernah langsung jadi macam kat atas ni. Tak pernah. Maka stick to Suunto la jawabnya.

But still, nak kena cari Suunto with HR belt. No more wrist HR 😂😂

Wednesday, February 27, 2019


All the hardwork paid off. Its a real accomplishment. Despite the tears, tireless hours, countless disappointments!

Syukur alhamdullilah.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Cant wait to go the office today! Oh, cepatlah siang 😊❤️

This achievement is for those who always believe in me. Those who always listen no matter how absurd I can be. Those who never give up and never leave my side. Those who always have my back. Those who hand me tissue when I cry. Those who always tells me everythings gonna be ok tho the worlds at my feet are falling apart. 
Thank you so much!

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

There is HOPE in Osteoarthritis

Feeling soooo great reading this article about running with osteoarthritis knee. Felt like my spirit lifted by 101%.

Im sharing this here for my own reading and for those who have the same problem with me.

You can read the original article here

Never ever give up! 💪💪💪


Osteoarthritis (OA) is often seen as a barrier preventing an athlete from being able to participate in exercise such as running. Recent studies have shown that not only is this a common misconception, but exercise is needed to assist with recovery and ease the effects of OA on the body.
When we think about OA we often associate it with older or inactive people. When in fact, OA frequently occurs in young adults. Many young adults all over the world suffer from OA, causing them to refrain from exercising, often unnecessarily.
OA is common among runners and can affect younger adults for several reasons. It is linked to being overweight, and thought to be impacted by how much stress is put onto joints such as hips and knees during running. In OA, the cartilage in the joint can break down resulting in an enlarged or deformed joint. Movement becomes extremely difficult and surgery is often proposed by medical professionals as the only solution.
Arthroscopy or clean out surgery are often offered to suffering patients, despite less expensive, safer and equally or more effective treatments being available for someone to manage their OA and get back to exercising again. Studies comparing the results from arthroscopy surgery to placebo surgery have shown that there is no difference in outcome.
Jane Fitzgerald was a frequent long-distance runner who at 40 years old, was diagnosed with OA. She had a fall while out shopping one day and injured her left knee. She took some time off but when she got back into running found that at 14kms her knee would begin hurting. She had an MRI scan and was told to not run again by multiple people. Through specialist opinion she was told she should have an arthroscopy if she ever wanted to run again.
Jane was devastated. Not only was running her favourite activity, but it was also a big part of her social life as she had met several friends through it.
“You’re not thinking about breaking up with running are you?” her friend had asked.
Jane tried other ways to remain active but struggled to find a connection or enjoy anything else as much.
“I tried swimming, bike riding and interval training but did not enjoy these activities. I began to feel grumpy and was unable to think clearly,” she said. 
Luckily, a friend recommended Jane see physiotherapist who specialises in running injuries (Dr Christian Barton, a physio therapists and researcher at La Trobe University).
“I found that Dr Barton was a good teacher, easy to understand and explained everything clearly. The goals we developed together were realistic and started in small increments,” Jane explained.
“By strengthening our system and preparing it better for running, along with optimising running technique through coaching, we can effectively prevent symptom progression and reduce pain,” Dr Barton says.
After a lot of hard work and exercise training, Jane was eventually able to run again. She is back to running every day and has run multiple half marathons pain free since returning to running.
Her passion for running is so strong, meaning continued participation is vital for her mental health and well-being.
Jane uses it as a tool to stay organised, distress and clear her head. When she was unable to run, both herself and her family noticed a change in her mood and she admits to becoming more irritable. Now that she is back on track, her overall well being has improved significantly, and she is living a much happier lifestyle.
“It’s like your brain is filled with cobwebs and running blows all the cobwebs away,” she explained.
Jane encouraged others who are going through a similar situation to find a good physio who is running sympathetic, is willing to work with you and will not tell you to stop.
Jane’s story is a perfect example of how active management and rehabilitation exercise can significantly improve OA management and allow a passionate runner to continue doing what they love – running.
– By Jo Monahan (in collaboration with Dr Christian Barton)

Lubuk Bangku, Bangsar

Kalau nak feeling2 makan ala2 kampung. Especially kalau teringin nak minum air Loncan favourite, boleh pegi Lubuk Bangku kat Bangsar.

Feeling sungguh maka  dalam dulang klasik & pinggan old school. Lauk pauk pun sedap. Ulam2 pun banyak. Cuma kena datang awal. Kalau i pukul 2 petang ke atas, lauk pauk dah abis.

Sedap sampai tak toleh kiri kanan

Air loncan fav. Tak sempat tuang dalam cawan. Teguk gitu je..

Otw ke Lubuk Bangku, Bangsar

Monday, February 25, 2019

Training with kiddos

Trowback cerita semalam lagi.

Lepas habis lari semalam terus teman kiddos buat brick training untuk Powerkids Dualthlon. Buat simulation untuk race day, so kiddos tahu what to expect on event day.

Penat woo.. berlari kejar kiddos. Depa naik basikal, bagai nak pengsan aku berlari. 😂😂😂 Nasib baik pagi tu aku just lari short distance. Kalau tak mau tak boleh bangun hari ni..

Its gonna be a very longggg hectic weekend this week. Kiddos punya race on Saturday, whilst mine on Sunday. Will have to get someone to look after Aleesya as Mamoru and me will be following Ariff & Amarr throughout the race.

Kena bawak personal first aid sekali, just in case.

Gambatte guys, we can do this!

Amarr in action

Both Ariff & Amarr

Hope they will finish the race injury free

With daddy & Aleesya, yang turut berminat nak join abang2 dia cycling. Tapi kami tak bawa basikal dia sebab tak muat nak masuk keta.

Ariff in action


My heart is excited for this week MWM run. But nervous too as they changed the venue from Shah Alam to Petaling Jaya. And its super hilly!

Dont mind the venue pun, as long as the road is safe for runners.

Lets do this things, knee! Lets rock MWM PJ!

Met the same people again yesterday during my long short run. Their're doing their final  long run before fly to Tokyo. 

Next year teringin pula nak lari kat Jepun. Nak try ballot lah. They said, chances to get selected for Nagoya marathon is higher than Tokyo. Nagoya marathon tu sama macam MWM. Its for women. And the best part is, they give Tiffany & Co pendant for all finisher! Aww...

Gambatte, guys! 

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Beli khemah camping

Pegi decathlon lagi hari ni.

Plan asal nak beli bike helmet untuk Amarr & running shoes for kiddos. Tapi, tu lah.. Decathlon ni "berhantu". Macam kena rasuk je bila shopping kat dalam tu.

Dan ter-tambah lagi koleksi khemah. Kali ni, sikit punya besau daa. Boleh muat 8 orang kat dalam tu. Siap boleh berdiri dengan selesa. Boleh letak katil, kipas, meja segala bagai lah.

Ni kalau bawak orang tua2 camping, sure diaorang suka sebab tak payah nak terbongkok2 masuk dalam khemah. Boleh solat dengan selesa. Tinggi tau khemah ni, kalau aku lurus tangan ke atas pun tak cecah bumbung.

Kukuh pun iya. Tak payah risau budak2 berlari keluar masuk khemah, confirm takkan runtuh.. 😁😁

Err.. so, da ada khemah besau baru ni, bila nak campingnya?

*krik krik krik*

Besar. Berat 7.7kg. Setakat camping2 tepi sungai, laut, memang terbaik. Tapi tak boleh bawak masuk gunung, tergeliat bahu pikul dia saja. 

Ada pintu depan belakang. Ada tingkap juga. Tinggi, so tak panas macam khemah biasa.

Tak sabar nak try set up.

Kalau nak santai2 tepi rumah pun boleh kot..

So, bila ni? Nak gi Camping...

Ariff ada lawatan pengakap

Cerita semalam.

Ariff excited sebab first time dapat pergi perhimpunan pengakap. Pukul 6.30 pagi Ariff dah sampai sekolah sebab kena naik bas ke sekolah xx (sekolah yang jadi tuan rumah untuk perhimpunan kali ni. 

Ada lebih 1000 pengakap yang join perhimpunan ni.  Termasuj sudent pegakap dari sekolah Ariff ada 50 orang. Suka Ariff dapat belajar benda2 baru, survival, ikatan tali, dapat kawan2 baru etc.

Walaupun mostly benda2 macam ni Ariff boleh belajar dari aku or Mamoru (esp masa kami camping or hiking). Tapi sure dia lebih excited dapat belajar sama2 kawan2 sebaya.

Aleesya teman hantar abang Ariff

Segak betul abang Ariff pakai uniform pengakap. Tenkiu Mamoru tolong patch kan semua badges kat baju ni. 

Gambar ni dapat dari group whatapps parents. Tenkiu

Ariff dengan kawan2

Aww.. so cute.

Amik gambar ni kat fb sekolah Ariff. Belajar buat anduh.

Ariff terlejut sebab aku tahu banyak benda tentang pengakap. Terkejut di bila aku cakap dulu pun mommy masuk persatuan pengakap dekat sekolah rendah 😁

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Osteoarthritis knee

Received some questions from few people about OA knee in my IG.  Honestly I seldom baca message on IG. Even comments pun. Normally I just post photos with simple caption then thats it. I personally thought that IG is just a one way communication from me to whoever in my friendlist.

So apology for not replying.  

Most questions I received was about how I can manage the pain and run with OAA knee (Mosttof them have OA). They wanted to know which stage of OA I have and how do I cope with it.

Honestly I dont know how to answer it. Im no doctor. I dont know how to explain it scientifically. I cant comfort/advise them with something that I dont know clearly. But then againa I also  cant just ignore them, right? They are ike me - searching for answer / cure.

I think I will  start posting about my running journey with OA knee. Easier Hope it will inspire others or at least give hope for them to fight OA like what Im doing now.

Thursday, February 21, 2019


..for this evening. For that few seconds. Its all I've asked for. 


Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Finally I decided.. run my first half marathon for this year in July 2019, insyaAllah.

And the venue will be.. Gold Coast again!  This time I will tag the kids along. I even forced Mamoru to run 10km (since the 10k race will be held a day earlier before the 21k race. So we can take turn to babysit kiddos.

Still got another 5 months to go. Gambatte! I aim to break my half marathon PB there 💪🔥

Here we go again! 

Positive vibe

Your love makes me strong.
Your hate makes me unstoppable.

Last night strenght session with SAC team.

Coach Edan said, I have strong core! 💪🔥

Monday, February 18, 2019

Be original

Never loose yourself trying to be or compete with somone else. Its never worth it, for it never ends well. 😉

Had a good run this morning. Met Rahim and SAC's angels. Rahim promised to be my pacer for one of my short distance race (which we havent decide when to register yet! But Im already excited! Thank you, Rahim. This mean a lot to me!

Good luck Rahim, kak Rosie & Azni for your Tokyo marathon! Sub-3hours in the making!

And ohh.. Im sooo inspired with lotsa good news from Hong Kong today. Shah & Vivien broke their PBs with 4:02 & 4:13!! Well done guys! 

Saturday, February 16, 2019


Rise. Push yourself to the limit. Earn it. For nothing last forever. Enjoy it while you can ❤️

Have you run today?

Friday, February 15, 2019

Judging myself in miles

Thats it. Thats the only way I allow myself to be judged : only in MILES.

My running journey after being diagnosed with early osteoarthritis is not easy as it may seen. I struggle with so many things, especially FEAR of not being able to run again. 

My 6 months base training has been, blessed and wonderful. I didnt feel any pain. But it does feels a little weird on my left knee, sometimes. 

Managed to break my 10k PB tho. Better that my normal performance when I was, well, 'healthy'.

I never, seriously never takes running seriously. Never care about my running schedule, distance, races, etc. Not until I was diagnosed with OA. 

People said we tend to appreciate things when we lost something we really love. 

And yes, now I really appreciate every miles I run. Every single mile. So that I wont regret anything when my time to run is up.

Training has been very consistent since January. Rest days pun only on Monday & Friday. Tersusun je semua compared to few months earlier. 

Now maintaining 180+km mileage per month. Will keep it that way for the next couple of months. Previously mileage below 150km.

Gonna get myself a pacer after this. For my speedwork training.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Because its worth it..

Struggle nak maintain pace 5.00-4.45 for 5km pagi ni. Start dengan 2km warm up, 1x 5km then 1km slow jog.

Tapi mission tak accomplished. Last 1km pace kelautan sepi. Plan nak negative split pun karammm. Guess I still not ready for that pace. 


Enam bulan lepas lagi teruk. Sampai menangis dalam hujan  sorang2 kat tepi jalan sebabs struggling nak maintain pace 6.00.

If I have to wait another 6 months to be able to run that pace, then its ok. I'll work on it. 

Messy hair dont care.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Keep showing up..

I've paid my dues
Time after time
I've done my sentence
But committed no crime
And bad mistakes 
I've made a few
I've had my share of sand kicked in my face
But I've come through
We are the champions, my friends
And we'll keep on fighting 'til the end
We are the champions
We are the champions
No time for losers
'Cause we are the champions of the world
I've taken my bows
And my curtain calls
You brought me fame and fortune and everything that goes with it
I thank you all
But it's been no bed of roses
No pleasure cruise
I consider it a challenge before the whole human race
And I ain't gonna lose
Last night corecore ses

Last friday core session

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Super hilly long run

Dari start lari sampai lari habis layan bukit je. Part yang paling hazab masa climb Kenny Hill. Rasa macam panjat gunung.. 😭😭😭

Tenkiu shah bawak pi route ni. First 8km tu memang totally new route (pada aku). Tak familiar dan tak pernah jejak langsung. Tau best!! Sangat menguji kaki dan mental. Rasa nak nangis pun ada tadi.. tapi dalam hati je lah.. hihi.

Habis lari pi breakfast kat Tanglin. Habis sepinggan kuey teow dengan segelas sirap aku keje kan 😅😅

Lari bertiga je pagi ni

Jumpa cik Arin gojes masa breakfast kat Tanglin

The gang

Friday, February 08, 2019


Stuck dalam kereta dengan Aleesya lebih setengah jam. Hujan lebat pakej kilat petir.

Doa banyak2 masa masa hujan ni, semoga hati sentiasa tenang.

Hari ni tak ada kelas talaqqi. Kebetulan SAC tukar Monday core session ke hari ni. Boleh lah attend.

Wajah kesayangan

Dia ajar buat muka gini

Ni pun dia suruh buat 😁

Its our 11th anniversary

Dear Mamoru,

Happy 11th wedding anniversary.


Note: No celebration. Sorang kat Melaka, sorang kat KL. No cakes or fancy gift. Lock myself in the bedroom with Aleesya. Takutt berdua je dalam rumah. Lampu terang benderang. Tak boleh tidur. Nak tutup tapi takut :(

Note2: Ustaz kata cara nak tenangkan hati buat 3 benda ni, Selawat, Istighfar & baca Yasin.

Thursday, February 07, 2019


First time tinggalkan kiddos kat kampung (atas permintaan kiddos yang bersungguh2 nak spend cuti kat kampung). Lagipun depa berani nak duduk kampung sebab Mamoru ada. Mamoru oustation kat Melaka sepanjang minggu ni.

Ikut hati memang tanak kasi. Sebab kiddos kalau time tidur memang setiap malam nak dipeluk, digaru belakang, dinyanyikan zikir, dibacakan bed time story. Tapi tskkkk.. dah kiddos sendiri beria2, harap mereka tak rindu mommy sangat2 nanti (mommy memang rindu sungguh2 kat depa berdua.. uwaa)

Tak sabar tunggu Jumaat. Nak cepat2 balik keja. Nak pecut balik Melaka.

Sempat snap gambar jam yang aku hadiahkan kat ayah 18 tahun dulu. Beli kat Alor Setar. Nih lah satu2nya jam yang ayah ada dan pakai sampai sekarang. Maybe dah time belikan ayah jam lain. Tapi, ayah biasalah. Nanti dia bising. Buat apa beli jam mahal2.. ayah keje kat kebun je. Haish ayah, ayah.. 

Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Selagi ada

Lambat sangat nak tunggu birthday ayah, so decided to give him one anyway. Takde apa2 occasion pun. Selagi ayah ada..

Birthday ayah nanti, kasi lain hadiah pula 😊😊

Ayah sangat menjaga hadiah2 yang anak2 bagi kat dia. Buktinya, ayah masih pakai jam yang aku hadiahkan 18 tahun dulu. Jam tu jenama Casio. Murah je dalam seratus lebih. Aku beli guna duit PTPTN (hihi). Beli masa zaman belajar kat UUM tahun 2000. Dulu, asal  ada duit lebih, aku  memang akan belikan something untuk ayah dan adik2. Walaupun duit tinggal nyawa2 ikan pun, tetap akan belikan something setiap kali nak balik kampung.

Teringat towel yang aku belikan untuk ayah pun ayah pakai dan simpan sampai sekarang. Towel tu dah hampir reput. Kaler pun dah kusam. Macam kain kain buruk pun iya. Rasa nak buang je. Tapi ayah simpan juga. Barang lain pun sama. Haish. 

Nih henfon kedua aku belikan untuk ayah. Mamoru yang pilihkan. I love Huawei and use this brand too. Harap ayah pun suka ❤️

Balik Melaka

Had a good run this morning. Maintain happy pace all the way ❤️

Esok, speedwork day - which I hate the most but always looking forward to do it (coz I can only do it once every week. So tak leh ngelat).

Ok lah, nak pi kenduri aqiqah my newborn cousin (my youngest cousinchihi).  Boleh carboload lauk kenduri.

Bulan ni dan bulan depan ada ramai kawan2 kahwin. Bestnyaaa. Best sebab dapat makan lauk kenduri selalu haha. Especially kalau kenduri tu masak lauk2 kampung.. fuhh memang aku duduk berjam2 kat situ.

Oh, talking about kenduri, terlupa pula nak cari hadiah. Tanak lah datang dengan tangan kosong 😊😊

Siapa kat belakang tu? 😘

Kenduri.. he we come!

Kesayangan ❤️

Amarr, Ariff & Aleesya