Friday, December 08, 2006

its wiken la dey

AGM is over. nothing much actually. only TSA will be replaced with DA while the rest of the Exco will remain at their seats for another year.

got an unexpected (but important) call yesterday. RHB wanted HBS to organize an in-hse training program for their management level. isn't that great? a perfect business opportunity to start this wonderfull year of 2007 (read as: an increment for my bonus & salary!).. *smile*..

ok lah, got to go back home now. promised Sc to cook kek batik for him. will be meeting him at Kg. Raja tomorrow... and tonight, i'll depart to Cameron with PKNS group. have a 3 days trip to gunung Yong Belar (yes, again, for the third time this year).

before i forget, i met pekatu, labrinth & kabusgunung the other night. just a casual meeting to confirm my attandance for the Trans Bintang trip end of this month. this trip will be the last one for this year.. and fyi, its a grand one!

till next tuesday.. tru~lu~lu.

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