Monday, February 08, 2010

Happy 2nd Anniversary

Its our 2nd Wedding Anniversary!

I got so many crazy plans for it, but none of if fit both of our busy schedules, e.g.,:-

1) Short getaway to a snowy country - I’ve been dreaming to spend our holidays overseas.

2) Or tak pun, overnight at simple cottage in Cameron atau paling cikai pun spend one whole day in Genting pun jadi lah (since night time at Genting membosankan)

Pantai? Laut? No, I don’t like the beach. Panas & melekit. Hitam kulit akak dik non (ah, macam lah putih sangat sekarang nih).

Tapi, tapi, tapi.. *sigh*.. jadual kami agak padat sekarang nih.

Presents? Settled sudah. We bought each other presents weeks before. Later will upload the pics in here (I think, those who’s been following me in Facebook already know what it is)

I got until 5.45pm to come up with something special for him – a place to celebrate. This is tough (Ini baru Anniversary ke 2, belum yang ke 22 lagi.. haha).. *relax Ad*

I’ll think of something!

Anw, to my dearest Mamoru,

People told me bad things about marriage. Esp, on how love fades in time. It scared the hell out of me. So, I waited..

1st Anniversary, love was great!
2nd Anniversary, it’s even better!! We have Ariff now. His little laughter brightens our whole universe.

So, NO. So far the theory is not applicable on me. On us. On our little family. Our love grew stronger with time!

Till our 100th Anniversary - time will never be in our way! InsyaAllah.

I love you Mamoru, will always do. You are my life now.

Selamat Ulang Tahun, Sayang

p/s: If Ariff read this someday, don’t worry, mummy love you too, pumpkin!


biqque said...

i suka pantai, and i suka snow...ha camne tuh? hahahaha!

Ely Hasrul said...

hepi aniverseri AD..

e.l.i.s.s.m.i.e said...

happy 2nd anniversary ad & mamoru!
moga happy happy happy selalu!!

Maswani said...

hepi anniversary..moga bahgia selalu..

Beautiful Disaster said...

happy anniversary. btw, bila nak letak gambar latest baby ariff ni? lama betul tak tengok dia. hehe.

Signorina Syima said...

kak aD, i love u too, three, four, five etc... hehehheeh

Iirakuu Miiraii said...

Happy Anniversary !

nn said...

happy 2nd anniversary to ad n mamoru...

Elyn said...

happy anniversary to both of u!!

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