Friday, July 11, 2014

Denggi fever

Mothers instinct is always right.

Had bad feeling since last week. I knew its dengue. Amarr had all the symptoms. Just doktor kat klinik ni keep telling its just a viral fever. Shouldn't trust them.

Took half day on Monday just because of "mothers instinct". And I'm right. Took him straight to hospital.

Later that night the doctor in charge called me so many time (coz we went home while waiting for the blood test result).

Amarr positive dengue.

The tough phase is over. Almost end of it now. The rashes semua dah keluar. He's platelets are normal. Tunggu result blood test pagi ni ja. If semua normal, boleh discharge.

Thanks to family and friends for being very very very supportive. I'm touched. Sayang korang semua! xo!!

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