Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Grow up

Those who loose their patience will lost everything.

If you cannot control urself, how u want to control others?

But bear in mind, bukan semua orang u boleh control. Even our own kids pun, kita tak boleh nak kontrol. Especially using force. Apatah lagi orang lain.

Life is about give and take.

But it doesn't mean u can pick and take whatever u want. It's more about giving without expect anything. Take only if it was meant for you, without hurting others.

If you really understand this and practice it in ur daily life, u will be respected, people will look up at u and ur words will be listened.

Embrace urself. Dont be such a baby. People will eventually fade up with ur never ending tantrums. Nanti dari orang kesian, jadi menyampah.

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