Thursday, February 12, 2015

Energy drain

Blaming myself and sesiapa je yang lalu depan mata for not training the whole week. Yep sendiri tak traning tapi salahkan orang lain. People do that all the time kan..


How the hell lah aku nak maintain energy untuk training Nuang minggu ni.

Oh well, I decided to keep my Nuang bib. This is my run. My first Ultra run. My very first race for this year. Will not let other stupid thing distract or stop me from it. Screw distraction!

Eniwei, esok cuti. Mamoru pun cuti. He will be home any moment. Really need him right now. Need to be with him. To be in his arms. Need therapy.. emotional & physical therapy. Besides, its malam Jumaat kan tonight. Demanding what is mine... gittew.

Ok. Ni entry 18sx. Pegila nikah kalau kau bawah 18!

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