Thursday, June 04, 2015

Burned out

Reality bites.

To them, its just not enough when u have the whole world on your shoulder. They still want to add mars, uranus, pluto or maybe the universe on top of it.

Im a wife living with my two small kids, expecting my 3rd child while husband working far far away.

Housework, kids tantrums, kids unwell, etc are just not complicated enough.

To make it more extreme, Im also keje makan gaji. Have to wake up everyday to work. Struggling to maintain my KPI at least on target so that I can secure my job just to help my husband to feed my kids, save for their education, pay bills, mortgages, etc.

I dont have time for myself. But somehow I try to make time for people I love and friends.

I dont expect people to understand me. But it really  hurts when they said I didn't try hard enough untuk semuanya.

1 comment:

abdooss said...

betul tu................
(walaupun gerammmmmmmm)

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