Monday, May 22, 2017

My cadence

A compliment, from my running-mate that make my day.

He was impressed with my cadence. Honestly, other than pace & heart rate, I have no idea what is that data all about. Well not until he explained it to me.

I tried to google about my cadence, and was also impressed with myself; I never knew Kenyan normally run with 94 to 98 cadence and elite runners cadence is between 90-94. 

My cadence was 96 rpm during SCKLM 2017. Woahhh... I can run like a Kenyan ke? Hahaha.. whatever it is, I knew I can improve more. And I will.

This coming August I will be running 100k cultra with him. If he run the same pace with me, perhaps we could run together. I really need a running partner for cultra 😉

NOTE: I normally run with cadence 94 - 96 rpm (that is around 188 - 196 spm)

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