Sunday, May 21, 2017

SCKLM 2017

I knew I won't be able to break my PB for scklm 3 weeks before the race started due to lack of training. Already talk to coach Edan about it. He said what matters most is to finish strong.

Race day. 
Calm. Relax. Pretty much enjoying the moment seeing all runners warming up. But not until I walked inside pen2. All of sudden rasa nak menangis. Even masa flag off, I did cry a bit. 

Try to concentrate on my pace. Distract my mind dengan memorize the route. It helps a bit. But not until km12. My heart suddenly beating so fast. Tapi bila tengok heart rate kat my suunto, still ok. But my pace start dropping. Struggle sangat nak maintain pace.

Lepas 21km, I gain my momentum back. Felt really strong. I ran at my marathon pace until I reached Bank Negara. At Jalan Parlimen lagi worst coz bertembung dengan runners HM. Crowded. Most of them are walking. Terpaksa struggle lari zig zag nak take over semua. Lost lot of time & energy here. Almost nak give up and just walk. But since I made a promised to run my last 10km for coach Edan. So I ran. 

I finished the race in 4:28 as 22nd female in women open category. I didn't feel great nor bad. I felt satisfied. My emotional breakdown doesn't affect my pace so much. In fact, this is the best race in term of timing coz I managed to maintain my pace all the way 42km. This is what I always wanted. To be able to control my strength until the finishing line. To finish strong. 

Now, I can move to the next running level. Way to go aD!

Women open result

Me at 35km I think

The finishing tee
Gambar sipi pun jadi lah.. haha

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