Thursday, May 25, 2017

Legoland hotel

Finally. Our second attempt to Legoland dapat juga stay kat hotel ni.
Fell in love with this hotel & kiddos love it to the max. Hotel for kids kekdahnya. Memang happy la kiddos.
Antara attraction yang kiddos look forward kat hotel ni. The treasure chest! Kena solve 4 simple questions to get the codes to open the chest.

Beverages for kids siap cookies & a box of lego to play during the stay!

Kiddos bath accessories

Bathrobes for kids & small sized room slippers for them too. Super cute!

Bunk bed for kids. Ada satu lagi layer bed kat bawah sekali. Room for kids & adults terasing tau. 

Kami amik room yang attached together. Sudahnya kiddos menempel kat bilik sebelah je with their cousins.. haha

I want this type of mirror. Cantik.

Kidos got their own tv set. Total ada 2 tv dalam our room.

Adults room. Cuba cari yang tersembunyi ❤️

The soalan to open treasure chest. Hotel cards semua gambar lego

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