Monday, February 13, 2006


ahh.. I missed lots of thing diz weekend - family matters mah (have to balik kampung).. antara yg aku ‘terlepas’:
  • watch PLGM at Istana Budaya with Am & Az (kesian depa dtg dari Ganu) - eh u guys manage to find ‘sumbody’ for dat extra-ticket?
  • mendaki gunung Nuang with d`Godongs - taper diz week kita ke Johor kan - naik Ledang? (hopefully jumpa PGL kat sana) ..*hiks*
  • watch MPPJ lwn Selangor kat Shah Alam - dengar cerita MPPJ menang 3-2? - sorry cudnt make it, pal (thanks for the ticket - have to admit I’m not into football - tp stakat nak nak layan, aD ok je)
  • farewell party at TGI Friday - soo sorry to Cicah. best of luck for u in Langkawi! jaga diri bebaik. jgn lupa balik KL march nih – we have a Kinabalu to climb, remember?

received diz one via email:

I was flipping through blogs on and ran into yours. I live in Hawaii and it seems that most of the blogs I find are always East of me. Nice to see a lovely person from out in the Pacific.

Anyway. Sorry to bother you if I did. Hope you keep up your blogging.

Get In Their Face!

whoa.. new friend from Hawaii ..*aloha*.. thanks for ur email and time in here Nathan (really appreciate that).. one question: do u understand whatever things I wrote in here? ..*wondering*.. anyways, happy valentine to you!

p/s: to faiez, hepi birthday (30 kan?)


Anonymous said...

frm ur blog wrote on 13 feb 06: hi aD..hmm.. org yag realy "close" dgn dier jek tau this year is her 30th birthday.. based on the date, and d way you spell the name..tak salah org kot.. n'way,at last, jumpa gak article yg ada nama dier nih. kim salam kat dier..-d'Greatest

amizgig said...

d'Greatest : u know her?

Anonymous said...

aD: not really, so, ...
hmm..sronok gak follow your journal.. don't stop writing eah.. nanti i boring kat office.. tk cr

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