Friday, January 29, 2010

In Penang

Persiaran Gurney, view from my hotel.

Im in Penang. Touched down pukul 4 petang tadi. Jem gila kat sini. They celebrating Thaipusam. Took us (me & kak IanSham) more than 1 hour to get to our hotel from airport to G Hotel at Persiaran Gurney. Grrrr.

Met our client just now. She's from Hong Kong, worked in Dubai. We discussed about her wedding tomorrow. Hm, talking about tomorrow, we have to wake up as early as 6.00 in the morning for the makeover! Its gonna be a looonnngg day. Wish everything went well.

I missed my Ariff so much. Kali pertama berjauhan. Feeling homesick already. Sigh. And of course I miss you too, Mamoru.

Guess Im gonna call it a day. Nak mandi dan straight to bed.


cicakuben said...

arif stay ngn sapa??sian die tdo malam ni tanpa mummy..ble ke tuh?hrp arif xmragam rindukn mummy!

biqque said...

nak tgk gambar! :D

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