Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sharing session

Aku copy entry ni dari sorang blogger. Bila baca buat aku tersenyum
sengsorang. Rasa nak share kat sini.


Don't date a girl who climbs mountains. Don't go out with a girl whose
idea of having a good time is to walk for hours in the middle of
nowhere with a 10-kilogram load on her back. She's the one with the
dirty arm warmers, worn-out leggings, and a sunburned face that's
beyond repair of any whitening product.

Don't date a girl who has no qualms about sleeping on the ground and
doesn't need a full-service bathroom to do her business. She will
gross you out. She can go for days without taking a bath and reduce
her vanity kit to a pack of wet wipes. She will snore, drool, burp and
fart and it won't be cute.

Be wary of the girl who has been to the summit. She won't stop talking
about the peaks she has reached. She'll go on and on about every tree,
beetle and sunset she has seen until your ears bleed. She stops on the
trail to take pictures of wild mushrooms while you scratch your head
and wonder why she's fussing over a fungus.

Don't ask out a girl who feels at home on a campsite. You won't always
be able to text or call her. She turns off her phone to conserve
battery life and doesn't mind the absence of network coverage.

You won't see her daintily sipping a margarita. She chugs down cheap
rum in an aluminum cup that's being passed around to 20 other people.
She can hold her liquor but she may also get drunk and puke her lungs

You won't be the only man in her life. She goes on climbs with other
guys, hangs out with them for days, and bonds with them over hot soup
in the morning and raucous laughter during socials. She's comfortable
being one of the boys and doesn't feel the need to explain herself to

Don't date a girl who has travelled to remote places for a challenging
climb. She has learned to face the world on her own. She won't always
need you. She won't always look for you. She won't always butter up
your self-esteem or stroke your ego.

She loves with an intensity that pushes her to endure rough trails and
grueling assaults. She pursues what she wants with a passion that
drives her to reach the highest peaks. Her heart is stubborn and her
resolve is strong.

Don't date a girl who climbs mountains. Your shoes will get muddy,
life will be messy and your world will never be the same again.


faza said...

mintak share... best!!

Cik Qemm said...

pernah baca ni kt facebook.

memang sesuai dgn akak. hehe

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