Wednesday, July 16, 2014


At the swimming pool with my 5 years old Ariff:

Ariff: I'm so cold. Look, my hands are blue.
Me: Mommy forgot to bring towel. Do u wanna go upstairs?
Ariff: No. Can u hug me, mommy? Make me warm?
*Aww... my heart melt. He sat on my lap. I hug him tight. Don't even mind his wet trunk*
Me: Feel better already?
Ariff: Nearly. But I'm still cold. Keep me warm, please.


Two hours before that, Ariff saw a Chinese boy sat by the pool. He went and sat next to him.

Ariff: Hi, I'm Ariff Fadzillah. What's your name?

That boy shy away like rest of other kids before this. Ariff looked at me with his confused face. Kesian my Ariff. Most kids he met find its weird when he speak English. Or maybe some kids memang shy.


Last nite Ariff said, "I want to be a baby again".
I asked him why. He replied, "I'm too big. Mommy cannot carry Ariff. I dont want to walk. I'm tired walking".
Aww, sayang.. u will always be my baby. I will try to carry you for as long as I can. Mommy promise.

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