Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Anger Management

Tahan marah sampai menggigil satu badan.


I'm not gonna let those fools messing with my head.

Semalam boleh sabar, kenapa hari ni tak boleh?

Relax aD. Walk away.

I don't know how some people can act stupid and pretend like nothing happened. I tried too. But tak boleh.

Bila aku tak suka, aku tak suka. It shows.


Keep calm. Motivate urself. Repeat this..

"I'm full of life. So many interesting things waiting for me.

I am loved and adored.. well at least (I know for sure)  by my kids

My world is big. And I'm not gonna stop exploring."

..and those lalats, if they don't want to go away, I always have another options on either to slap or step on them.


abdooss said...

No point in throwing a tantrum..

Bila orang baling taik, kita baling bunga ( + pasu bunga sekali).. haha :D

Adlyana Abdullah said...

Haha.. dengan pasu sekali eh.. i wish.. :)

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