Friday, May 19, 2006

here's another one

bad news: most probably i have to cancel diz 24th event at Carcosa Seri Negara.. maNn, none of our new potential member available for the tea-gathering.. how sad.. *dem*.. i never failed to organize any event before.. how am i suppose to face diz?? wut shall i put in my report to TS?.. *argh*.. drop my water face la wey!

thank God we still didnt pay the booking fee to Carcosa yet.. (cudnt imagine if we did - i'll surely be in deep trouble).. *sighed*

i need a break.. i need to be away.. i'm so dem tired.. no, its not dat me cnnt stand the work-pressure.. its sumthing else.. its um.. personal.

heading to melaka diz evening.. will be back in KL on Tuesday.



It's ok Ad, sometimes things happened, most important is, u've to take a deep breath..juz relax ..i'm not sure whether u go to Malacca to rilex or its also 4 work..But anyway all the best from me for u to overcome your tired feeling..i know it coz feel it too...see u on Tuesday..(if u write in ur blog) take care..

amizgig said...

thanks.. u're sOoo encouraging.. i'm ok now.. will alwiz be ok, insyaAllah.. will pray the same for you.. *wink

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