Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lying works better than the truth

One of my colleague told me that I must have done good things in my pass that God give me a good body in this life (She's a chinese)

She said, she envied me coz I didnt gain weight even after both of my pregnancy. She could not accept that I jenis kuat makan punya orang. Seriously, I makan all of the time - in between office hours, lunch, dinner, supper, etc. But yet, still skinny. She really hate the fact that she have to work hard, control her diet just to maintain her body. She event counted how many carbo/calorie she should consume per meal - yes, to that extent.

Recently we have this sort of teambuilding workshop. There is one group xtvt that requires each group to lift one of their team members. Macam cheerleaders. It happened soo fast, the facilitator tak sempat habis cakap and my team already grab me and lifted me high up in the air. Gila terkejut hakak hokey. But being a good team member, I layan kan aje. Merasa juga I buat few cheerleader move. I loike.

Ok, back to my colleague punya story:

She said I ringan sangat. She often ask me how did I do it (maintain the body). Hah. I dont know what to tell her. Takkan nak cakap its in my genetic? Tak mungkinnnn. Coz I also have a chubby sister juga. Meaning, there is a possibility untuk badan aku mengembang (choi hihi).

I dont have any tips. But I did told a few things to her:

Morning: I will buy RM2 kuih muih or cekodok for breakfast. I did not eat all of it for breakfast. Tapi makan sikit-sikit sampai tengahari baru habis.. huhuhu. By time I finish my kuih, its already lunch hour. Trust me, bila dah makan sikit-sikit macam tu, sure rasa tak rasa lapar sangat time lunch.

Lunch: Makan nasik macam biasa. Biasanya tak lapar pun, tapi sebab nak jumpa kengkawan, so aku turun makan jugak lah (eh, dah tak tulis omputeh dah? hahaha. Ok sambung balik bahasa omputeh - mind my grammar granpa semua). But portion nasik yang aku amik adalah 1/4 dari saiz pinggan. On my way back to the office, I grab some fresh fruits / sweets (nak elak mengantuk).

Dinner: I didnt care much what to eat. Nasik, mee, fast food also boleh. I even eat a lot nasik if I do the cooking.

So, basically thats all of it.

As expected, she wont believe me. Haih. She only take it when I said I'm an outdoor person. I climb mountains.

Honestly, active in outdoor xtvts does not guarantee you will get a perfect athletic body. Sukan outdoor hanya akan buat you makan dengan lebih kerap. Dan uol kena makan banyak untuk dapatkan energy. I gain few kilos back then. Now bila kurang mendaki gunung, berat pun makin kurang :(

p/s: sometimes lying works better than the truth eh?

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