Monday, March 17, 2014

Malaysian Women Marathon

Mission accomplished. Done with MWM marathon! 

A bit frustrated coz the organizer shorten the route to 34 km only due to jerebu (last minutes without informing runners)! 

They should have cancel the marathon instead of doing this. Now I cant claim I've done FM :(

Timing for 34 km = 3 jam 50 minit. Average pace 6.46 mins per km. I ran non-stop okay.

A big thanks to my pacer Khai for guiding and support me all the way until finishing line! 

Layan gambar ja lah..

Race for FM 42km start at 4.30am.

Pose with Mamoru & Khai

My pacer & me

Wearing my finisher skirt. Dont stare too long at my montot katanya.

My supportive Mamoru

Thanks to Aisya (in red) for being there supporting us.

42km runners


Us again

Helping Khai with his bib.

Khai, me & Arin

with Zuryn. She ran 10km thay day.

With Arin. She also ran 10km

Showing off my finisher pendant

My pacer also got a finisher skirt. Lawak.

My finisher gold pendant. Love it!

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