Wednesday, April 10, 2019

A pat on my shoulder

Something to be proud of.

Just nak jot down how happy I am coz managed to get my paper approved in front of a comittee of 6 approver in a meeting tadi. 

Paling best, bila semua yang present paper masing2 bawak backup team more than 8 people just to brief on their paper.

 Tapi aku, datang sorang2 with no backup or team to support me. 

Part yang paling best, bila habis meeting, aku inform kat boss paper dah approved. Dia terkejut, sebab ingatkan paper tu kena tu kena undergo so many stage before approve. Tapi alhamdullilah, semua okay.

I just love the feeling when my boss gave compliment on my job. Honestly, susah gila nak dapat compliment dari dia ok. 


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