Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Wall Climbing at Putrajaya Challenge Park

Thank you Malaysia for this place.. haha

I'm newbie in wall climbing and bouldering activities. But I gotta say that I already fall in love with this kind of extreme sports years ago. Tapi back then, it's very hard to find a climbing area or climbing gym like what we have now. 

Putrajaya Challenge Park (PCP) was opened to public in 2009. It has this huge wall climbing area in Malaysia 

Other than wall climbing activity,  PCP also have skate boarding area and mountain bike riding trail. 

The entrance fee for PCP wall climbing is fairly cheap. Adult RM6
Shoes rental RM7
Chalk bag RM3 (can share)
Harness RM5 (can share)
This is the fees you need to pay before you can start climbing in here. Or if you have your own climbing equipment, just pay the entrance fee only.

For a beginner who have zero knowledge in climbing, you might want to user a belayer service  from one of PCP staff. The cost is RM30 per hour. They will help and guide you how to climb.

One thing I love about this place is they have a separate area equipped with safety bouldering mats / safety crash pads (air-conditioned climbing area) for kids to climb. And its free entrance for kids! My 3 and 4 years old kids enjoyed this place as much as I do.

This is my third time climbing in PCP. I went there during weekends. Weekdays, I prefer climbing in Madmonkeyz at Wangsa Maju (nearer to my house since I live in KL)

Note: Met my old friend Somphob in here. This is the second timw I met him since I got married. The first was when he visited me in hospital last year. Nama je duduk KL. Jumpanya makan tahun jugak. We're both love outdoor activities. 

From left, Khai, Aisya, Me, Afzan, Ain, Mamoru (not in this pics, Chua)

Ready with harness and rental climbing shoes

The crazy friends 

Beginner's wall. Its perfectly safe.

Hakak in action. 

Beginner's route is easy. 

My sis, Ain. She's my climbing partner now. We're taking bouldering class together at Madmonkeyz.  PCP also offer climbing class for beginners :)

Made it to the top!

Top rope climbing

Chua belaying me

Afzan in action

Me again

Khai in action

Aisya & Chua

Aim for that intermediate wall over there.Maybe next time. When I already completed my climbing class.

Chua in action

Aisya in action


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