Friday, October 17, 2014

Dear sista

I feel u.

I miss u.

And I love u, gorgeous!

Can't wait for u to get fit and get back!

We are going to rock our world together. Like before! 

I've been all alone since u left early this year. I didn't climb for almost 9 months already. I wanna do it with you. Climb with u.

Cepat2 get the new little guy landed safely on earth

Then we can partayyyy

Like we use to!


I knew that since u were little u always want to  be like me. U always said I'm ur twins.
U know sis, U are way better than me. Prettier than me. Soft yet very strong. U r just like our late mom. Ur height is like hers. Hidung kemek like hers. Fair skin like hers. Tough as her too. 

But don't be like her. Die of broken hearted. 


..and sis, 

"We didn't lost in this game. We just stop playing. Coz it aint worth our time"

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