Thursday, January 05, 2017

Dualthlete wannabe II

Seems like I will have to let go my Malaysia Women Marathon on 5 March 2017 coz I have registered myself for Powerman Asia Championship on the same date.. *wink-wink*


But I will still attend the next MWM clinic coz I found its very interesting (seriously). Sides, Ive registered for it kan..

The Powerman Asia registration fees is quite expensive tau (considering I will be running Individual 5km run + 30km bike + 5km run). But, heck, what do I know about this dualthlon thing kan. Maybe its reasonable enough. I'm still (very) new in this cycling sports.

Dualthlete athlete in the making, peep!

Malam ni just buat steady run 9km + 7 x 1 minutes strides + 1 minutes jog recovery in between. Felt great!

Plan asal nak buat 20km macam semalam tapi since subuh esok nak lari lagi 9km, so better save energy 🏃🏃💪💪

Now jom balik mandi, pastu dinner (nasi kerabu original dah menanti di rumah), pastu breastfeed Aleesya :)


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