Monday, January 02, 2017

More than a year ago..

Dalam OT. Separuh sedar.

Dr Norlida: Tengok tu, aktifnya dia. Bukan main lagi dia berpusing-pusing. Heyy.. sabarrr, kejap ya kita keluarkan dia dari sarung tu.

Terdengar Doktor bercakap dengan baby. They must have cut my tummy open already. That's why they can see Aleesya moving relentlessly in the amniotic sac.

Then I passed out. Woke up few seconds later when I heard Doctor a bit panicked. One of them telling me to not fall asleep.

Dr Norlida: Dia tak menangis. Take her.

That's all I heard - but enough to make my heart pounds so fast. What is going on? I want my baby!

Trying so hard to stay awake. My eyes couldn't open. My body numb. But my brain still working. I listened carefully. Searching.

And then I heard her cry. Alhamdullilah. Dr Norlida greeted her with salam. So does the rest of the nurses.

And I fell into a deep sleep. Its over. She's safe. 

They brought her to me. Put her on my chest. I couldn't move my arms. I look at her helplessly. Try to memorize every inch of her face. Coz I know it would take a while before I could see her again. 

She's a beauty. A pride. A love that tied me immediately - ultimately.

Nurse: Baby kena asing ya. Puan tak kuat lagi. Nanti bila Puan dah ready, kami hantar baby ke bilik.

Nurse pushed her close enough for me to kiss her tiny cheek. I gave her our first kiss.

I love her dearly.. my daughter. Our only daughter. Well, for now :)

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