Monday, June 27, 2011

My Suunto M2 - A Gift

Mine looks exactly like this. Credit pic from Farm6  
Mamoru bought me a Suunto watch. The only watch I approved after almost 3 years being watch-less (ada ke ayat ni?).

Its a basic M2 (the only Suunto design that fits my small-skinny wrist). The rest was like too bulky. Mimpi la kalau nak tengok saiz jam jenis ni fit dengan tangan pompuan kurus macam aku. Bias la derang punya designer.

Suunto is having a promotion up to 15% at Mid Valley. I got mine at RM390++ (normal at RM480++). Cheap la kan? M2 features is limited to; real time guidance, exercise summary & heart rate monitor only.

But still, it looks bulky on my wrist. Pedulik. I'd rather wear it compare to other girly-look wrist watch. Oh, mine is not the red M2. Its black (meant for men.. huhu)


Angah said...

sangat minat tau...uh bila la polar aku ni nak rosak haha

Cicada2nd said...

suunto without compass mcm x kena je. tp dh namanya suunto aku ttp raspek si pemakai.

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