Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Uphill Speed Run at Putrajaya Challenge Park

My first attempt for uphill speed run.

The event was held in Putrajaya Challenge Park on 29/12/13.

Honestly, I didn't do any uphill training at all. I thought the route is going to be easy. 600 meters uphill only - no worries. But I was wronggggg. Totally.

Me: Babe, look at the route. How the hell we're going to run in that bushy field.

Aisya: That's one thing. Look at all those tough girl with biceps over there. Lets pray we're not 
going to be the last contestants. Everybody is looking. Lets not embarrass our self.

Yes, that's a problem too. We have only 50 women contestants compared to 150 men contestant. I don't want to be the last person running in the field. Malu okay.. haha. So we planned a strategy: To make sure we will be among the top 20!

And guess what, I made it to the top 10! Won the 8th place for Women Open. How's that!

Personally, I must say that this is the best event ever organized by PCP. We have a lot of fun despite the tight muscles and leg cramps. I cant wait to register for the same event next year (this time around, I'll make sure I wont skip the training part)

Let the pictures tell the rest of the stories :)

Arrived Putrajaya Challenge Park (PCP) almost 7.00 in the morning. We're so excited though a bit tired because we've just finished our 10km Petzl Trail Night Run the night before. 

Me and Chua in front of PCP

Our team trademark for #selfie

The 600 metres uphill route. 

Getting ready. Men's Open category.

My heart almost popped out of my chest when I reached the finishing line at the top of the hill. This is madness! 

Tough route. The uneven ground with grass improperly cut make the route way more challenging.

Struggling for top 20.

Chua in action. He made it to top 20!

Afzan in action. He's in top 20 too.

Fazi in action. He made it to top 20 as well. Congrats!

Yours truly in action. I'm in the top 10!! Couldn't believe it myself..haha

Have to use both hands to climb the steep hill.

Totally exhausted. 

But we enjoyed it so much.

With our finisher medal.

Having breakfast while waiting for the winner's result. From left, Kay, Afzan, Aisya, Fazi & Chua

Ipoh's team. I met them last year during my Gunung Batu Puteh trip

Redbull. Main sponsor for this event. Really need this.

Receiving winners medal. I won the 8th place. Yay!

With Bett aka Zulhilmi. I went to a couple of gunung trips back in 2006 with him. He's the trail setter for Petzl Trail Night Run. Awesome.

With Afzan and Suhaida Safian from Virtual Malaysia.

With Fazi (my Mamoru)

Got 2 medals for this event. Finisher medal and winner medal.

Our team

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