Monday, February 17, 2020

Upcoming events

Last month, when I first heard about Corona in China, little did I know that the impact from it could be huge. 

I was supprised when I found out lotsa giant resort and hotel already implement cost cutting especially their management & staff salaries and worst, there was number of staff layoff too. 

Not just tourism sector affected, those large company and small business who dealt with China (on parts / business supply) also having a hard time now.

 I wear mask more frequent now especially when I travel to/fro work using LRT. Always sanitize my hand before fetching my daughter at sitter and before I enter my house. Air purifier at home helps too. Give me less anxiety (esp during haze last time and now, this).

Oh ya, talking about upcoming event. Lari topik pula.

 This week, I have Tampin Half Marathon. Contemplating on wether I should DNS since I was absent from training for almost 3 weeks. And we have been advised to stay away from crowd. I received lotsa reminder from the company on things to do and donts. We even cancelled annual dinners or meetings (if it involved more than 10 people). 

I wish there not many runners turn up during Tampin HM this weekend. Or maybe I can stand far away from starting line, run like mad till finishing then terus balik hotel after the run kan? 

This was last Friday. Kiddos harung banjir balik dari sekolah agama. Amarr lost his shoes here. Hanyut.

Poor kids. Few cars rosak kat sini everytime banjir.

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