Saturday, December 11, 2021


Let me make it clear for some people:

I dont like to share my things. Kalau orang lain tiba² datang dan minum guna cawan or straw yang aku sedang pakai (even bestfriend or someone I know) pun aku sanggup tak pakai cawan tu / ambil cawan lain. Inikan pula husband. I just cant. 

Its either you take the whole cup and go away or you leave my drink for me to enjoy it alone. Fullstop.

I understand to marry another you dont have to get approval from the wife. But hey.. you are talking about the wife - manusia bukan patung. 

Said it already. Read para 3 again. Its either one. Bukan dua². Faham ke faham? Jangan benak sangat.

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