Thursday, June 19, 2014

Teaser XPDC Gunung Tahan last week

I have conquered another gunung. Its the 'gah' Tahan this time. 

Have to quickly update log for this one (and Murud too) before I forget every details.. haha.

Bear with me Mr Blog. I'm super duper busy right now.

I'll depart to Kota Bharu tonight. Will be away again tonight for another 3 days. This time, heading to Perhentian Island for my short vacation with the girls.

Never been in a girls trip like this before. They have planned for pyjamas party, pillow talk, swimming, snorkeling, etc. Whatever. What I wanna do most is wake up early in the morning and run! Haha.

Hope, Perhentian ada roaming. 

Will be missing my boys, again!

Lotsa love. xo!


p/s: I leave you with my fav photos from Gunung Tahan. Enjoy!

Ready to conquer gunung Tahan in 3 days 2 nights via Merapoh-Merapoh. My haversack weighted more than 17kg.

Wild flower - yellow

Wild flower - yellow

Wild flower - white


Wild flower - white

Me at Puncak Gunung Tahan

Sunset at the peak

Twilight at puncak Botak

River crossing

With Sham.. old friend

Cheffie in action

Morning at Botak campsite


Reward time!!!

My new toys: Eureka Spitfire Solo tent. Cost me about RM450 for this one. Weighted 1kg only. Sturdy and spacious. It comes with its light blue fly. Easily set up. Love it!!! Will do a full review about it soon!

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