Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Conversation with kiddos

Just now.

Kiddos enjoying their breakfast makan roti and donut sambil tengok tv and ipad.

Then I stand in front of them making a little announcement.

Me : "Guys, mommy have something to tell you"

Then Ariff quickly turn off the tv and asked Amarr to pause the video on the ipad.

Normal reaction to show me that they're interested to listen to whatever I'm going to say. Don't u love them! They're awesome.

Ariff : "What mommy?"

Me : "Mommy is going to take you to somewhere special"

My trademark words. I emphasized each word. Love to use them to make kiddos more excited.

Ariff : "Where?!"

Amarr : "Supermarket?"

Nak tergelak dengar Amarr cakap camtu. Fine, sebab  mommy asyik bawak korang pegi supermarket je kan.. beli ikan.. tskk.

Me : "No sayang, we are not going to the supermarket.  We are going to a place where we can see a lot of animals!"

Ariff : "We are going to the Zoo?! Yayyy!!"

Amarr : "There's a lot of dinosaur kan mommy?"

Me : "There's no dinosaur in the Zoo, baby. But there's elephant, giraffe,  zebra...."

Then all of sudden Amarr crying like mad! Macam somebody rampas something dari dia.

Aku pandang Ariff and Ariff pandang aku. I was like, what?? Did I say something wrong?

Took me 15 mins to calm him down.

Lepas Amarr ok. Aku Google kat mana nak cari dinosaur.  Maybe Ariff dengar aku kalut sorang2 then dia bagi suggestion;

Ariff : "We can watch dinosaur in the movie. Mommy buy the ticket"

Thats a brilliant idea from a 5 years old kids.

But, cerita apa yang ada dinosaur kat cinema sekarang ni???

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Mrs weck said...

i love you boys!!! always b mummy ain hero now and forever! hehehe..comel okayyyy!!

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