Saturday, December 17, 2016

Twincity running clinic

Another running clinic! Yeay!!

It was a very good session with someone so experienced in running for more than 15 years! Thank you coach Kannan. Looking forward to attend his one-to-one session soon!

Tak ramai runner join hari ni (ratio 1 participant : 1 pacer). Which is good la (for me haha). So, masa sesi lari 5km pagi tadi, setiap pacer concerntrate on seorang pacee and follow their pace :)

We had fun! Totally! 😘😘

More please!

Group photo. Happy faces!!

Me and Tini. Im so jelly with her marathon timing. I want to beat her time..hihi 

She's a beginner. But I love her already :)

With our coach this morning

Tini in action

I learned so much today :)

Orite, that's all :)


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