Thursday, October 06, 2016

Right now!

It's been so long
That I haven't seen your face
I'm try to be strong
But the strength I have is washing away
It won't be long
Before I get you by my side
And just hold you, tease you, squeeze you
Tell you what's been on my mind

I wanna make up right now
I wanna make up right now
Wish we never broke up right now
We need to link up right now

Girl, I know
Mistakes were made between us two
And we show
Our eyes that night even said some things weren't true.
Why'd you go?
I haven't seen my girl since then
Why can't it be that way it was?
'Cause you were my homie, lover, and friend

I can't lie (I miss you much)
Watching everyday that goes by
'Til I get you back I'm gonna try
'Cause you are the apple of my eye

I want you to fly with me
I miss how you lie with me
Just wish you could dine with me
The one that'll grind with me

Disclaimer: Ni kalau ada yang meroyan ahkak letak lagu ni kat sini, lantak ler. Lagu Sudirman aritu pun akak letak note 'takde kaitan dgn sesiapa' pun ada gak yang meroyan kannn :)

Note: Tengah pilih list mp3 untuk peneman masa lari Cultra Sabtu ni :)

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