Monday, April 06, 2020

Stay strong

Hari ni hari 20 perintah kawalan pergerakan. 20 days staying at home. 

Tak ada istilah bosan kat sini. Masa dihabiskan sepenuhnya buat perkara yang disukai.

Spending my sweet time concentrating on my small business Women of Malaya ™

I know its not a good timing for my soap business to grow, but its okay. The most important thing is I enjoy doing it. I really do. Making soap make me happy (apart from running marathon 😊)

Currently, Im working from home until end of the movement control order. Multitasking from doing my office work, house chores, cooking and making soap at the same time. And yes, excercising to maintain my body fitness for my next marathon -  if it ever going to be held (my next race would be the Standard Chartered Marathon in June, but I doubt its going to happen in). But thats okay, safety first. 

Anyway, Ive been super busy at home. And I love it! 

And I made new batch of soap from fresh avocados 🥑 yesterday. I loveee avocados. Want to know the benefit of using avocado soap to your skin? Follow me at IG Women of Malaya ™

Take 5 minutes rest

Pardon my handmade arm sleeve 😁. I cut it from Aleesya's old jeans.

Freshly made avocado soap. Smells soooo lovely

The soap weight 120gm each

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