Friday, November 08, 2013

Climbing madness

I must confess that I'm addicted to this new hobby.

At Madmonkeyz they call it bouldering.

At first, sekali tengok macam senang, tapi sangat susah sebenarnya.

Staff kat sini sangat friendly & helpful. You can ask anything you want to know about climbing. You can even ask them to guide / show you the route that you want to try (if they're free lah).

Climbers kat sini ada yang datang solo. Ada by group. Some of them friendly dan tak lokek share tips untuk us beginners to climb. Some just plain rude and berlagak.. haha.

Yep macam malam ni, ada satu group yang sangat annoying. The conquered the place like nobody business. Dont even bother to give some space to us. And even worst, they making faces when my sis make an attempt to climb. 

That is unacceptable. Macam lah derang skip the beginner step dan tetiba jadi pro kan??

Whatever. Jerk.

Anyway, benda kecik camni takkan patahkan semangat weols untuk climb. We just need to focus. And start making friends with those who's willing to help us.

Pose gedik

This wall not for beginners But who cares..haha

Again, its not for beginners. Confirm takkan lepas.


My sis put on her climbing shoes

Eat too many carbs before climb is not allowed. Jangan ikut aksi diatas. Confirm tak boleh panjat

But this is the reason why we have to eat a lot of carbs and sugar. 

Note to my sis: 
Happy 26th birthday! You're young, beauty, sexy & dangerous. Be happy! 

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