Saturday, November 16, 2013

My definition of fun

The more I spend my time in MadMonkeyz, the more I fall in love with this thing. I have decided to forget my dance class and focus on this one only. Twice a week. Mon & Fri.

Luka & blister. Im anticipating for more luka or bruises. Bring it on! Haha this is madness.
Wish I have this kind of wall in my bedroom or living room. One day perhaps.
Im building some biceps already. Cool.
Nick dera aku buat 5c+. Managed to complete almost all of it.
Let your body fall. Jatuh dari siling bumbung ke bawah tak lah tinggi sangat, tapi still kena biasakan diri untuk lawan rasa takut. Fear is an enemy. Must get rid of it.

My sis in action. Glad we share the same interest. Shes good at this. Better than me. But she still didnt realize that :)
My sis & Nick. I like this guy. He helps us a lot since the first day we step our foot in here. Thanks Nick!
This is just a beginning :)

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